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In this article we will talk about how to learn to sell various goods. This issue is relevant in any trade - no matter whether prodavati you or the seller You will be an employee. Selling all exactly should be able to!


the Psychology of sales

the Modern market is just oversaturated with various products. Almost every 2nd manufacturer from time to time manufactures new products, improve their products in order to increase demand for them. A prominent example is the ads on TV urging viewers to buy a particular TM.

So what is in this difficult situation to sell their goods?

the Problem is that today it is quite difficult to surprise the modern buyer. For each manufacturer, the priority task is to increase sales volumes, and in order to sell something you need to initially entice the buyer and encourage him to buy.

Sometimes, the knowledge of human psychology. Today there are many training courses (), which you can learn to reach out to a potential buyer. Remember that absolutely everyone is different. One does not like to be standing over soul during W the product, while others want to consult with a consultant and they need increased attention. Therefore, in order to become a great seller, you need to be a great psychologist.


the Seller must understand and know what the buyer is willing to pay their money

If he came to the steamer, Sachin he wants to acquire rich in vitamins and microelements, dietetic foods. If he needs a TV, Sachin he wants to scatter in your free time or to be aware of the latest developments. That is why you should focus on the benefits that the customer will receive from buying this product. We need to show the buyer that this product will improve and facilitate life.

1 very important detail is to demonstrate the product to potential customer. Your show better accompany vivid epithets. The purpose of this show is to demonstrate high quality and usefulness of a particular product. Well if a potential customer will be able to participate in a demonstration of this product. As a result, he can click on the button, and turn it off and on. You must obtain from the client accurate information why he buys the product. This will help you to build your dialogue.


Goals of the buyer can be different:

  • improvement of own image;
  • getting high-quality goods for its own needs;
  • profit
  • etc.

a Buyer may argue and ask questions - it's his defensive reaction. Anyone afraid to buy a defective or unwanted product. In this case, you should be able to soften the objection or convert objections to the argument.


When you build a dialogue with the buyer, you have to remember several very important rules:

  • the Buyer should be given the opportunity to ask questions and to object
  • in No event it is impossible to tell the buyer that he is wrong;
  • avoid controversial manner of conversation;
  • Tell a buyer about what he will lose if you don't buy the product;
  • you should Not announce the price of the goods before the buyer will see absolutely all his benefits;
  • Call the exact price of the goods (in any case not okruglaya it).


So, applying methods of psychology in business you can become good in sales and significantly increase your turnover. And finally: remember the BUYER is ALWAYS right! This statement You should apply everywhere and always, the most important thing is not just to sell goods but to leave a good impression about your store, so that in the future the buyer come to You more than once!

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