The lamps in the living room: functional and stylish lighting


Lighting is the most important functional and stylistic part of every well-designed interior. Thanks to the help of lamps is easy and can completely transform a room. Central ceiling light has long gone in the distant past. To date, sconces, nightlights, floor lamps, spot lights situated on the ceiling and individual lighting makes it possible to probe the space, to create comfort. All outdoor floor lamps is back in modern apartments, and interior designers recommend the use of them in the hall and in the bedrooms. By the way, you can purchase .


What are the advantages of the outdoor lighting

Thanks to the help of floor lamps, you can create shade and privacy in the bathroom, if you turn off the main lighting. Such lamps are also used in the recreation area, place them near a chair for reading or next to the sofa. But, there are many other benefits of this outdoor lights:

  • When installing the lamp does not need to drill anything. It a place you can pick up in the room and thereby install it much easier. But, the only condition is outlets nearby
  • All the floor lamp is very mobile. They can be moved around the apartment, where you will need additional lighting
  • When compared with table lamps, the floor lamp does not require additional furniture. It can be put in the room, no matter whether the table or a bedside table;
  • the Lamp is not only comfortable, but also beautiful element to any interior, its light and soft light it can create a cozy atmosphere.

Types and also features floor lamps

floor Lamp can be called outdoor lamp, standing on a high stem, decorated shade. The stand can be made of three legs and the lampshade made of various materials: paper, fabric, metal, glass, plastic. Cup shape limited only by imagination, the most common is a cylinder, cone, and ball. The lamp has multiple shades. Depending on the shape of the lampshade, the light penetrates differently into the room. That is why the lamps are divided into those that can give:

  • Ambient light. This is one of the most common forms of ordinary lamps with shade, which very gently allows light to pass through itself;
  • the
  • Directional light. This version is pretty optimal for reading. This lamp can be installed near the sofa or chair, it is very easy to read;
  • the
  • Reflected light. When the lampshade allows you to distribute all the light only on the ceiling or wall, it will greatly influence, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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