What is a hunt?


This event is expecting thousands of hunters. First the rustling of wings, which starts, stops the heart of every hunter, and is very much hands clench his arms


attractive Than hunting?

For some people it's a crowd of guys who try to get into this little duck, but for others it's a big festival, art event, drifting sun, a faithful dog, the quiet dawn, the gun which lies in his hand, and the anticipation of summer evening attracts every person. Of course, it is sung by hunting the classics in literature, Bunin, Ostap Vyshnia, Turgenev

despite the fact that they often do sport hunting can be enemies in the public, and between officials of different rank, it exists, and by all accounts will always exist. In General, some people find it difficult to understand why a grown man is looking for a tiny, poor duck or a Bunny

However, whatever it was, hunting has always been, is and will be. All the talk about it closing cause confusion. After all, it is tantamount to some kind of industry or agriculture just close. Because large resources are involved to ensure that the hunt took place. And it's all arms, ammunition, accoutrements and a lot of other things, ranging from vehicles, to forks. By the way, buy all the necessary equipment and supplies for you .



there are many examples of thriving directly hunting farms with vast experience in decreasedin hunting birds, pheasant, Mallard ordinary, as well as others. And prepared areas on these permits, the hunter, adhering to the discipline adopted by the rituals of respect for the game, can hunt.


What hunting means to many people?

Passion, emotion, excitement. And well, when purely and honestly, and without bitterness, and gone without a lost wounded animal, without unfair tricks and stuff. In all respects. And when hunter and pet have absolutely equal chances to all and may be administered only by luck and chance. Now there are many followers of all the great hunters of the past years it is London, Hemingway, Arseniev, Bianchi, hunter? All the running and, of course, hastily Superficial knowledge and fleeting emotions. Not to take only in the evening dawn a couple of ducks for the soup and to fill the entire trunk of the boat and two motors. And to get to pull even in the reproductive area and to pile on a whole car of ducks, and then sad to complain and humiliate the Rangers, as well as Director of the farm words Where did duck go?!

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