Key features of sale and purchase of houses

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to the seller of any house, primarily, postal important question: at what price can he sell the house so that all participants were satisfied? To decide its difficult, because you have to consider the main factors that directly affect the price and for a beginner in sales of many of the premises is difficult. Therefore, it is important to ask for help to the appraiser with extensive experience. By the way, today we advise you to pay attention to the same ads, how to sell . Why? Because of this good location property prices accessible to everyone.


Into account the evaluation of any home include:

  • What is the location of the object, particularly the distance to the roadway;
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  • At what distance to place the house to the city centre and the railway is mainly refers to homes that are located in some urban-type village or in the countryside.

Estimate the cost of your building

It must start with the most expensive room of a country house, cottage or Villa. If your house is built directly out of materials of the area, the appraiser first determines the cost of this construction and the average cost per square meter of this building in the same region. Then you will begin to evaluate other outbuildings. Experienced evaluators often ask the home owner how much he paid for the construction of outbuildings. Their assessment is very often carried out approximately, which is taken into account the cost of an already installed fence, gate, etc. the results of the work of a professional appraiser with final amount are specified in a written expert summary.


what is important to pay attention while buying houses?

  1. you Need to very carefully examine the house you wish to purchase. If there is the ladder, then it you should a couple of times to go up and down.
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  3. Oven is recommended to flood even in very hot weather. If the house has a cellar, then it is necessary to descend.
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  5. Very carefully listen to all the explanations of the seller that relate to water in the cellar. What would be interesting or funny stories you have not heard, always for yourself make a conclusion.
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  7. Grass, which is green, gullies, cracks you should indicate damp, which is present in the premises and illnesses directly to the Foundation. Immediately notify this owner that to put in order this house you will also get the necessary money.
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  9. Attic a better look in the daytime. Close the window with an opaque object. If the roof will be slit, You are sure to discover.
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  11. If the house you can find an underground garage, then it from time to time water will flow. In addition, the path that leads up to the garage, will have a good cleaned from snow and ice, otherwise the car you will not be able to make.
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  13. Also very dangerous, when there are built-in the basement part of the house a small swimming pool or sauna. Moisture is not good affects the building itself, so these places better to build on a certain distance from home.

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