What is modern Sa-back?

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the term in a simple literal translation means "your cash back". Now for all Bank cards, this means that your Bank promises you to return a small portion of the money spent on your maps.


As it usually "looks"?

You just calculated on your card at the store, or a normal cafe, and restaurant, where, for example, in the amount of 5 000 rubles. You in "gratitude" for what you well use a card with different banks, just return back to the account a small percentage of your money spent. In the example, even if it is a small thing - 5% of the total amount spent, you will receive 250 rubles. In fact, you just buy something with a small discount.

Here's another by the way, modern option Сashback generally well offered to all banks for all types of their cards and even debit and credit. But ar does not depend on their type of cards. So, if there Сashback or not – it never affects any conditions on lending, and on the requirements for your borrower (if we're just talking about credit cards).

In the most rare cases, all holders of premium cards such as, for example, Gold or Platimun can always offer higher interest rates for most Sa-back, but there is all the annual maintenance cost is approximately 3 000-4 000 rubles, while all the ordinary cards only 350-400 rubles.


And what do you need to pay attention, choosing modern cards Sa-back?

Although some of the options many banks are called cash-back, but not all banks pay back your, money to your account. Many simply return any conditional points, or just bonuses, miles, and so on. these conditional charges then you can pay at shops.

So here's what you should pay attention to is, in which case, your "refund" money, and to what extent, and how. Here, for example some banks every month just change the list of partner companies, in such settlements in which you will be charged about ten percent of the amount of trade you purchase. But in the rest of the companies give only 1%. Even some banks when their calculations in different places – turns the size of your Sa-back. Here, for example, for normal calculations in many gas stations is only 5%, in grocery stores, 3%, and when calculating in the Internet world – only 2%.

You should always specify whether your So-back on all payments outside the great state of Russia. For example, you went on vacation, cleared, of course, there's the "full" and prefer not to realize then that there is no bonus for you all spent with your card money is not supposed, or if supposed, it is only in a significantly smaller size.

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