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Web site (from the English word Website: web - wide web, or network , and site - a place , in other words, the segment or part of a chain ) is a small set of necessary electronic documents (files) from a private person or organization in a small network, well United under one address. All web sites make a pretty huge world wide web where communication (web) combines all sectors of the classical world into one community - their database and communication on a global scale. For simple or direct client access to all sites on the server have already been specially designed unique and durable HTTP.


All the sites to share:

  • the availability of its services;
  • physical location.


  • first there are open - all services, easily accessible to all visitors and users;
  • there are Also semi-open - for full access you need is to register (usually for free)
  • Well, finally, it is of course closed - they are completely closed, because they are official sites of large organizations (including corporate sites), as well as personal sites of individuals. these are the sites available to a very narrow range of users. Access all new users are usually given via. the invitations (i.e. invitations).

What is website promotion?

Promoting your site is busy the process of raising its rankings in all search engines. If, simply put, is when your site is top positions on all the given queries. Website promotion in all search engines - this is always the most efficient and qualitative method to find new customers and to increase the number of sales for your own business. The first and foremost purpose of promoting this site - make it search first of all the most accessible and promote at least one of the first positions in modern search engines, such as Yandex , Google or Rambler . By the way, if you are a resident of the capital and you still don't have their own website, then you can order the company "Viproxi-Promo".


online reputation management today is a very powerful business tomorrow!

the Postponement is a very difficult search engine optimization "for later" you can turn an unpleasant surprise, namely for you to catch up with competitors is always much more difficult than the first to take "place under the colorful sun." All modern algorithms for global search engines give very much importance to age of a site and its duration of stable development and, of course, growth. A unique and fast site promotion has passed, and now the first role out your resources, which you pay attention for a long period. Never pass up good opportunities to become the best among all your competitors.

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