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For the modern man the car has become a faithful friend and helper in his household and professional activities. Despite this, and the fact that the basic material for cars is made of robust metal, they are not durable in the literal and figurative sense. Sooner or later the time comes to part with their vehicle, and the reasons for this abound:

  • Advanced age, and with it permanent damage;
  • the Increased consumption of fuel;
  • a Desire to change the style and equipment of the car;
  • Need for money, etc.

To the starting point in the sales process, but independent of its organization is quite troublesome, costly and sometimes long-term event. The car should be brought in for sale proper technical condition, to conduct an advertising campaign Yves case of success a lot of negotiations with potential clients. All this leads to a loss of time that sometimes is simply unacceptable. Real output in this situation, which allows you to pass all three stages and go directly to the sale, is and other cities of our country.


What is the autorepayment and what's the attraction?

the motorist, already once held self-sale, in addition to the above stages will certainly add to the total list re-registration procedures, check in the databases of traffic police on the theft or loan obligations, insurance issues, etc. All this can be avoided if you use the service avtovykup. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the appropriate company and go through a fairly simple procedure that lasts no more than 30 minutes, after which you receive your money.


Using autorepayment, owners can implement:

  • B/y, or a relatively new car
  • the Car after the accident in different condition;
  • Discontinued, and the vehicle is quite old;
  • Car with credit obligations and etc.

the Whole procedure of autorepayment fit just three short steps:

  • Letter to the company and the evaluation of the machine;
  • deed of settlement
  • payment to the buyer.

How is it measured?

the Key point in this process is the process of estimating the market value of the car. The amount the client may also give voice during a phone conversation prior. To determine its monetary equivalent, you need to inspect and Express-diagnostics of the machine. This step is mandatory in any case, even if the owner knows all the advantages and shoals of the iron horse. His opinion is subjective, but the examination is an independent and objective opinion, which allows us to precisely formulate the price of the vehicle. Naturally, the evaluation should not rely on the full market value of different company that reacquires cars from citizens, reduce this level by 10-15% (need and make your own money). This is in principle perceptible amount, but if time is short, this overhead can more than justify.



In market conditions are used and popular are those tools which allow to solve problems as efficiently and quickly. Avtovykup one such service, because it allows you to make quick, transparent and acceptable deal for the sale of the car, which lasts no more than 30 minutes.

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