How to change your wireless network name?

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With the growth of different kinds of mobile devices, wireless networks today are the first in the list to access the world wide web. When you create a particular access point Wi-Fi, you have the desire also to change the name (SSID), which was initially the fact that you came up with. It is, in the first instance, will be different among all the available networks around you. So today we'll talk about it. By the way, the answer to the question ?" you can also find on the website:


turn on the router

you must First switch on the router. Also check that your PC is connected to it. It is recommended to connect via a wired connection. Remember that when you make the settings directly via the wireless network, it is also possible that the connection you will lose. So be very careful and see whether all possible connections.


Open the router settings

On the computer that is connected need to open any browser. In the address bar, type the network address of your router and press the start button. This address, many device manufacturers can be different. You can read in the user guide directly to your router.


Use of additional software

Some of the devices comprise a set of additional drivers. In them already there are some utilities to manage. Although, in order to have access to the settings of any router, you still need to enter a username and password. To do this, and need to use additional software.



in order to access the device, usually requiring authentication. If your device is new, and you have not used, the username and password, of course, that will be standard. You can read the documentation for the router or look on the Internet, consequently finding your model. Usually a field with the username left blank and password is considered to be the word "admin".


Open the settings for wireless connections

After you successfully login, you should open the settings of the router. Then you should open the settings for your wireless network. They, of course, differ. You can search for the title you want, but it must be associated with a wireless connection. There you can change the name of your wireless network. Also don't forget to update the connection settings.

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