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remember the old phrase from the movie according to what the opium of the people? Now this phrase will be relevant and probably many many years if not forever and can apply it to any relationship and events. What have we used this phrase for motorists. Ukraine is increasingly beginning to resemble the USA of the 30's 40-ies it of the American car boom. During the first half of the 20th century in America frequently happened crises and what is most remarkable is the fact that people are not refused from cars despite the high cost of fuel for their vehicles. How much would fuel cost in Ukraine, no one from iron horse did not refuse, on the contrary car sales slowly but surely gaining momentum. Every year we hear stubborn statistics about the growth of car sales. This situation continued until the outbreak of hostilities in the East of Ukraine and to the annexation of Crimea. But we could still buy cars in the last two years, despite the economic crisis. Where is the logic? Fuel is more expensive. More expensive cars, and auto sales are still rising. Just a mystery.

  • the Experts claim that in 2014 and in 2015 demand for cars thanks to buyers who have long wanted to buy a car, but it turned out just now. And the situation of the war in Ukraine and the crisis in the economy played in any century, into the hands of the buyer;
  • as for the sociological surveys carried out by different centres. In Ukraine in the period of the increased cost of fuel, more and more motorists began to answer, that'll save on some other factors, but does not travel;
  • Since the mid 90-ies of the 20th century in Ukraine, though slowly, but steadily developing a long time in demand abroad car rental service a substitution car. More and more of our fellow citizens and visitors using this service. And there is nothing strange.

the Service is becoming more and more affordable. For example, we've got to analyze the cost of hire several car hire companies, namely RACE car hire and rental - car hire in Ukraine. The research was conducted in the city of Donetsk. I must say that both companies have offices in Donetsk and RACE has head residence in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Rent and Global capital company. Both the rental company on a national scale, i.e., have direct roots in Ukraine.

According to the survey by price won the RACE company, with all shares offer price 300 UAH. for 1 day rental on the car and this is not the limit price can be even less. Agree it is very good despite the fact that the price of car rental includes insurance, taxes, maintenance, replacement vehicle and tires according to the season. Global rant has proposed a minimum price for a car of the same class for 320 UAH. a day, and the pledge of capital higher probably affects the presence and the echo of the capital price. the Cars in both companies were received in perfect condition 2014 release, e just like yesterday fresh from the showroom to the tranquility of the surroundings, of course if you do not take themselves to factory defects the car rental Daewoo.

so to summarize this opium - 300 UAH. 24 hours is a lot or not. For someone and this amount is very heavy, and someone would laugh just hearing about that kind of money. What can be purchased in Ukraine at UAH 300. Yes potatoes a lot of course. But we wanted to make a comparison with fuel. It turns out that for 300 USD. you can only buy 13 liters cherished fuel and another 300 UAH. you can go to the movies for two people or lunch the three of us in the world wide web McDonalds, and the car take as much as 24 hours and it's not some bikes available for 100 USD. 1 hour, it's an expensive toy albeit in economy class. Just think for 300 UAH. you offer as much as 200 000 UAH. in use.

In General according to our calculations the opium of the people and not so expensive should not deny yourself the pleasure of comfortable travel, if it is possible to spend only 300 USD. a day or 12 USD. 50 kopek per hour. Especially considering the current fare in public transport, the waiting time of transport and the nerves that you will spend in connection with an uncomfortable movement whether standing, or without air conditioning or heating (in General climate control in public transport no.)

In the article were used by the car rental companies in Donetsk:

RACE Rent A Car Enterprise:
phone (+38) 067-522-6-555,
address in Donetsk, St. 50 rokiv SRSR 140/6
phone 067-644-26-44,
address Donetsk Artyoma street 155

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