Why do I need lens hood for the lens and how to choose


Professional photographers really focusing optics and all associated with it. Sometimes it happens that suitable for shooting lens the photographer chooses all his life. When you choose optics: evaluate technical performance, compare different options, analyze the feedback. Professional photographers will also attentive to the choice of the necessary accessories for optics.

In particular, this applies to the lens hood for camera lens. This little gadget, which is specially designed so that excess light falling on the lens. Lens hood is an integral part of the mandatory set of equipment needed for professional photo shoot. However, this is not purely a professional device, it is absolutely necessary to all people who are fond of photography.


why do you need the lens hood?

This question was asked by many budding photographers. And is it possible to do without it? The word is a blend from German translated as obscure , which fully reflects the purpose of this device. Lens hood is an accessory to the lens, protecting the expensive camera from the ingress of direct sunlight. So, when it will be bright daylight, set the lens hood will protect from unwanted light and glare frame.

This device performs a similar function as the base, put on your head. Blend helps to significantly reduce the possibility of glare, which can ruin any interesting photos. To make sure you have enough outside (on a Sunny day) to make any photo with the lens hood and without it.

But this is not the only function of the lens hood. In addition to eliminate stray illumination and glare, it also need and better protect the optics. While shooting often happens is that the camera drops this, in turn, may cause damage to an expensive lens. Also the lens hood protects the front lens from: moisture, branches, touching greasy fingers, shocks and mechanical shocks.

it is Especially irreplaceable while filming in the rain when it protects your optics from unwanted spatter. In a nutshell, the lens hood is an indispensable accessory for the lens and a universal assistant for all photographers. This device must-have for any photographer who uses a digital camera with interchangeable lenses and seeks to take pictures of the highest quality possible.


Choose shield

Like many other accessories to the photographic technique, blends are different. They can produce or branded companies, which offer their own optics and digital cameras, for example, or by third party manufacturers. By the way, you should not buy the lens hood and lens in the same company.


Types of blends:

  • pyramid
  • the
  • tapered
  • the
  • flap
  • the
  • cylindrical.


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