The pros and cons of laser hair removal

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In cosmetology, with the advent of laser, many procedures have to do with ease. The word laser is an acronym (abbreviation) from (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). So in the Russian language this word has long since been an independent. Literally the laser is a light source with lots of energy, which, in turn, you can focus and then turn into a narrow beam. In cosmetology prominent representative of laser technology is laser hair removal.


What is laser hair removal?

This procedure is 1 of the most effective methods once and for all get rid of unwanted hair. Just a couple of procedures, almost anywhere on the body and face you can get soft and smooth skin. If you follow all of the requirements of this procedure, it will be 100% safe and will not cause any harm to your health. By the way, if you are a resident of the Northern capital of Ukraine and you are interested in has a lot of beauty salons offering this procedure.


Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal

Passing through the barrel of the hair, the laser beam heats cells containing melanin and destroying the hair follicle. Thus, the skin not broken, but only slightly heats up and cools down very quickly. This procedure makes it possible to remove only the hairs that can be seen on the surface (grown on 3 - 5 mm), i.e., hairs that are currently in the phase of active growth. The problem here is that there are always dormant (a spare) in the hair follicles entering into a phase of active growth after the procedure, so to completely remove unwanted hair, you need to do multiple hair removal sessions.

As with any other procedure, this method also has its disadvantages and advantages, about which it is better to learn before its use.



  • the Main disadvantage is the obligatory contrast of the skin and hair, so that the melanin, which is contained not in the skin and hair can absorb the laser radiation. So, for example, the desired result is almost not achieved in the case when clover red (bright) hair on light skin and dark hair on dark skin. To get the desired result you need to have a light brown (dark) hair on light skin, specifically in this case, the laser beam will absorb it hair. However today this problem is easily overcome by picking up the right type of laser
  • Also, another disadvantage is the cost of this procedure, but when you consider the fact that the result of this procedure can be a complete removal of superfluous hair, this disadvantage may not seem like a big plus.


  • the skin is not damage (scars)
  • while laser hair removal there are no very strong pain;
  • short duration
  • long effect after the course (up to 72 months), and if there is a great contrast of the skin with hair

you will get rid of excess hair.

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