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Coin collectors are always interested in. In this article we will look at what today is the most valuable and rare coins.

the Most valuable coins of the USSR

  • the Most expensive coins in the Union were test coins 1947, and was not in circulation, because the whole edition was melted down. Only narrowly survived a couple of coins. Their exact value is not known;
  • Test coins 1958 were in the same year scrapped. And preserved 1,2,3,5 rubles worth huge money;
  • Chervonets 1923 costs 80 thousand. rubles;
  • And trial copper coin from 1925 is worth 5 million rubles.

Other coins of the USSR can be viewed on the portal .


the Constantine ruble

It's the rarest and most expensive coin in the world. It cost 100 thousand. dollars.



Appeared in 1535 and were released to 1719



5 cent coin Liberty Head "5" 1913, There are just 5 instances. American sold 1-n a Nickel for 4,15 million dollars at auction.


the Most valuable coins of the Russian Federation

Course is released in 2008, commemorative coins of the denomination of 25,000 RS. and weighing 3 kg, made of pure gold. 50 coins in denomination of 50 thousand rubles was wydano the 150th anniversary of the Bank of Russia, but their real value is much higher.


Square penny

Rare coin that has an unusual shape and weight. Now there are just 10 copies: square 23*23 mm weight 1,638 kg. and in 1726 It was released Ekaterinburg mint. At a Moscow auction this coin was purchased for 2 million rubles.


20 USD

gold coin face value 20 roubles was introduced in 1755, immediately after the currency reform. Then rapped only 2 similar coins. One copy bought by a private collector at the London auction (for ? 1,550 million, net of fees), while the second is kept in the Hermitage.


the Most valuable coins of modern times

Know the current money you can sell quite profitably. So, for example:

  • 50 cents issued in 2001, Moscow mint experts estimate 120 thousand rubles Officially this coin was not in circulation, but a couple of coins all the same got to the people;
  • 1 and 2 rubles issued by Moscow mint in 2001 you can sell 2 times more expensive;
  • for 5 cents issued by the mint of St. Petersburg in 2002 and 2003 can be sold for 3,500 and 900 rubles, respectively.

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