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Led bulb is a new step of development of lighting fixtures. Most recently, she was a rarity, but now you can buy these lamps you can on every corner. There are a number of questions that this article we hope to answer, namely: what you need to pay attention, how to choose a LED lamp, in contrast to incandescent lamps, what are their advantages? Tell us about Ivanov A. P. is an employee of the company "Light for life", where you can purchase different lamp type: linear led lights , for the lights, in the shape of a ball and polasara, etc.


Principle and design of LED lamps

light-Emitting diode or LED (Light emitting diode), is widely applied in various electronic technology. Initially, LEDs were used in advertising signs, and automotive dashboard and light indicators but over time, the technology razvernulas appeared and LED lamp for lighting of premises.

Cvetochnye lamp unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, with small loss on heating converts AC power to DC power. This makes them safer and economical. The brightness of the light depends on the current: the larger it is, the more the brightness of the led. Thanks to this principle of operation of LED lamps have a significant advantage over other light sources, and according to the opinion of experts: in the near future LED lamps will replace the market brand of all competitors.

LED lights have many advantages over conventional bulbs of Ilyich and energy saving. They are used in light advertising structures and street lighting, they are covered manufacturing space, art galleries, offices and apartments.


benefits of cvetochnyh lamps

  • Efficiency. Among all the varieties of LED lamps-bulbs consume least amount of electricity. Using them will allow you to pay significantly less per month for electricity;
  • Durability. According to the statements of the manufacturers, the service life of led lamps is 50 000 hours (9 years of continuous illumination, take into account that few lights are on around the clock, it is at least 15 years). Of course, all this is true for ideal laboratory conditions, but in reality in the worst scenario LED lamp can last 4 to 5 years. This lamp does not burn out and lose their brightness to the end of life. The truth of the major manufacturers offer a guarantee that the brightness of the lamps is not reduced by more than 30 percent;
  • Low heat. LED lamp is heated, so it's safer than incandescent. In places where there are a lot of bulbs, low heat dissipation is especially important, since the latter can strongly heat up the air. So 100 W incandescent lamp is heated to 168.5 g., energy saving up to 81.7 gr. and the LED lamp up to 30.5 gr;
  • Strength. Probably many stykalis with the case where the incandescent lamp from careless pressing exploded right in his hand. LED-lamp you can drop and shake without fear, because it is much stronger.

Disadvantages cvetochnyh lamps

  • High price. LED lamp is several times more expensive than incandescent light and slightly more expensive than energy saving lamp. However this disadvantage negates the savings during its operation.


Led light bulb more profitable in the long run. So 10 thousand hours of incandescent bulbs will be worth 5200 roubles (in addition, note that even 1-in incandescent bulb has not worked for so long without replacement - you will need several times to change it). But 10 thousand hours of LED bulb will cost 640 rubles, and no changes you make do not have. Of the total, the difference is almost 8 times!

the advantages of led lamps significantly outweigh the disadvantages, which is why these lamps are becoming more popular and widespread.

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