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five years ago Agafonova Anastasia studied at Kiev engineer. And today she is a professional photographer, which never rests on its laurels and is always looking for new ways to improve your creative crafts. Anastasia just 27 years old, and she is one of those lucky ones who already managed to find your purpose in life and confidently go for it. My business is very specific. He is creative and impossible to predict. I'm a photographer of happy events , - says Anastasia. Anastasia first became interested in photography five years ago, when her hand accidentally hit a pretty good digital camera. So her life was a hobby turned into a life's work. At that time, she studied at the fifth course on a speciality the civil Engineer , but majoring Anastasia had never worked a day. When I realized that their chosen specialty is not for her, just wrote the application on the net and went to do what she was to the soul.

Sometimes you need to risk. Because until you zatvoriti one door may not be opened other. And behind them is often something much more interesting - with a smile recalls Anastasia. Within three years she developed her talent and studied independently. Recently, however, Anastasia entered the new York Institute of photography. Although learning takes place remotely, this is a big step forward and an opportunity to work and develop their skills.



the First customers appeared from Anastasia two years ago. No marketing moves Anastasia not used - found through friends and acquaintances. The girl recently officially registered their business. The impetus for this was the participation in trainings organized by the Resource centre within the project women's entrepreneurship Development in Ukraine with the financial support of world Jewish relief. As noted by Anastasia, to this training in its understanding of the tax was a Monster , and accounting - something unrealistically complicated. However, everything changed when the coaches explained the features of the physical persons-entrepreneurs, have provided benefits in management and accounting, instilled confidence and awareness of the need for further development as a private entrepreneur. Each photography for me is a challenge. I help people to see their beauty. I like the effect when after shooting my characters begin to believe in your own strength , says its work Anastasia. She, as a psychologist, helping people to open themselves, to see themselves as real, free, beautiful and just love yourself.

On the road to entrepreneurial success Anastasia had a lot of obstacles. Sometimes the person is difficult to contact, to make sure that he opened up and felt free in the frame. This skill, as noted by the photographer that comes with experience. Another one of the barriers which Anastasia successfully overcame, was too lazy. If I don't overcome my laziness, it never gets done. The main thing is do not put off till tomorrow - that's the basic recipe that you need to follow in the fight against this disease . Today Anastasia Agafonova is a successful and famous photographer, both at home and abroad. In 2011, Nastya with her beloved Andrew was founded in Almaty wedding PHOTO AnART brand: .

Helpful hints

Also help new people and people that we meet in creative ways. Anyone who wants to become a successful photographer, Anastasia gave a few tips that will ease your way:

  • First of all, you need to decide if this is really Your calling;
  • secondly, find out what genre You work better, to not to waste time and to avoid professional burn-out;
  • thirdly, to believe in yourself and never compare yourself with others;
  • fourthly, to love what You do;
  • the
  • And, fifthly, never give in to their fears.

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