How to choose your perfume?


Perfumery is a specific product which is quite difficult to estimate by eye or by touch. Even if you purchased your perfume in a luxury shop in the city, it does not guarantee absolute originality. To smell the perfume you must use special strips - they fragrance completely.


the Main thing is to be careful

a Woman is not so easy to allocate from the family budget more than 300 rubles for a favorite flavor, and when more and it turns out that the first notes is Jasmine, citron or bergamot give the alcohol comes complete despair. To avoid forgery, we should first pay attention to the expiration date, labeling and manufacturer information, and best of all, buy only products of famous brands, for instance, the ARTISTRY: .


How not to buy a pig in a poke?

Really, fake it happens quite often, so you should pay attention to the packaging. Box should be well Packed by the polyethylene, the font should be a clear, embossed, the bottle must be well secured in the box, and not "hang out" on it. These spirits never released in bottles larger than 15ml, they have strong smells, because made on the basis of natural oils. The period of storage of such spirits shall not exceed one and a half years.

Often, to check if you the flavor, vendors offer to buy the testers, but under the law it is forbidden to do so, and sell spirits on tap. To select smell directly from the store testers, too, because by the rules, "to taste" with the special "litmus" paper that the scent lived up to that, which is sold in the package. In addition, the consumer has the full right to check the contents of the perfumery-cosmetic goods, even if it went on sale in packing with cellophane wrap or specialty ribbon (paragraph 10.8 of the Order "On approval of rules of sales of non-food products")

If no luck and you still came across poor-quality products, to protect their rights, always keep your receipt. Without it, their case can prove only in court and with witnesses.


What influences the choice of flavor

Although everyone has their own taste, fashion, perfume exists. We have, for example, is dominated by fresh, cool citrus, chypre or ozone composition, and in Europe Vice versa popular sweet, spicy, warm fragrances. Choice of fragrances also depends on season, in spring and summer, buy fresh, light citrus fruits, in cold season - soft supple and smells, which are dominated by sweet-tart flavors.

currently, manufacturers pay more attention to the production of toilet water. The pace of life is not what it was a hundred years ago, modern man does not need a fragrance that lasts a week. The toilet water smells less intense, hold not so long, therefore, work to strike a light, and on a romantic date is tempting.

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