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To be successful, enjoy life and bring up happy children - it seems most people dream of.However, this success is different for everyone. For some, it is to achieve well-being, family comfort, but more active people tend to reach greater heights in life. For them, success - this career, own a business authority. To achieve this, they need to become leaders, to nurture their leadership skills. These qualities, how to become aleader tell us Larisa Solovyova - artistic director.

- Ms. Solovieva, first of all I would like to know: The leaders are born or made?
- and are born and become. It has leadership skills that can be taught, and there are those who can not learn. For example, to become a good leader, Margaret Taetcher learned to speak well studied diction, her voice set. But it has become a leader not only so, but also because of the charisma, which she had from birth.

- And what traits you think are important for a leader? How to become a truly successful leader?
- Are important style of leadership, its methods of influencing other peopleher ability to motivate others. The leader must also have the skills to work with the team, the skills of the delegation of authority and control over the execution of tasks, to be able to pick up people, to create a team and teach others.

To lead - it means to know (know) what to do (how to rationally organize the activities of the team) to togfor to achieve the desired result. The leader is responsible for motivation and activation of employees and in fact for all management actions, which involved his subordinates. For the successful organization of the business process need to properly allocate their time and energy, as well as the time and effort the team with which you work. It is also importantpay attention to the building of personal relationships with subordinates. After all, the psychological climate created in the team, determines the success of the work.

- How to create the image of a leader?
- The image of a leader - that's what our society still does not understand. It is not just to look good and dress by the French designer. It is withresponsible image of your expectations of those to whom you play. In order to avoid questions like: Where did you get the money for these clothes, or why are you trying to be like those who sell their image as, say, the beauty in international competitions. We need to understand what the image that corresponds to the purpose of the speech and the opportunity to influence thepeople, and the image that corresponds to the expectations of the people. We have no one understands. In our political circles there is a standard image - abstract, far from the expectations of the people. It comes with a common psychological model of beauty that is inherent in the Soviet and post-Soviet man. This is something that all women should have long legs, Trendy hairstyles, shortskirts, be blonde. A personality and psychology of influence - that it is not. Our politicians and business leaders need to learn this. In politics and in business element of the psychological impact is extremely important. To this must be approached responsibly and study expectations of the people.

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