Prospects for the development of television advertising in Ukraine

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Advertising in Ukraine, as in most countries is progressing with each passing year. This is evidenced by even the fact that today's students an attractive place to work was not the national science and culture, not the position of the correspondent or columnist and Western firm or advertising agency.

What is the TV advertising?

The modern TV advertising is used almost everywhere, in every field, in every region, in every product portfolio. Consequently, its value is very high.

Ukrainian TV marketoh advertising still quite young in comparison with similar markets of more developed countries. Still, the development of advertising on Ukrainian television channels considerably, especially in the last 3-5 years. See: 1 +1, Inter, Novy Kanal, TRK Ukraina (by the way, look online this channel, please visit ), and STB TV channels and you drugiepopulyarnye SWgo that advertising simply flooded the television broadcast.

For the development of modern television advertising in Ukraine is required to actively move the TV from the center to the periphery, where the rapid pace of increasing the number of local television stations, and to increase the timeof ether at the local level. In addition, local television viewers have more confidence than central.

What are the forecasts for the development of television information netraditsionalnoy?

There are reasons as the forecast of the development of non-traditional means of advertising and television infor-tion, including using the Internet. Today already some mobile operators offer TU, that is, you can watch TV on their favorite "CellPhones", and in the meantime the advertising companies can use this space to your advantage.

It is also worth noting that the lack of "related "research that would comprehensively solve the problem of the competitive environment in the field of television advertising does not contribute to the creation of a civilized market of television advertising in Ukraine.

Due to what proizvoitsya television advertising?

can be an existing member of TV advertisingVova only due to the activities of television channels, therefore, the main operators of the television industry is its channels. The most popular of them are divided into three groups: the leaders of the television market, middle peasants and outsiders. The basis for this separation is their television ratings, which are measured in points.

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