5 best universities in Vienna


Many people dream of studying abroad, and probably all heard that in Germany, France and GreatBritain great opportunities. Today we talk about the best universities of Vienna. And tell us about them Pavlov AA - employee STUDIUM IN WIEN, which provides educational services in Austria.

Universit ä t Wien

The Duke Rudolf IV founded the University of Vienna in 1365, and today it is IS THE one of the oldest and most famous in Europe. The university offers 117 master's degree programs, 56 programs for undergraduate and graduate studies. It is the largest research center in Austria, which employs about 7 tisyach scientists! The university cooperates with 350 universities in the world and, according to the Times, among the 100 most prestigious Univerversity of the world!

Universitat fur Bodenkultur

The Vienna University of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1872. It is a research and training center for the study of the different resources that are necessary for human life. Education, which offers the university, based on scientific issledIAOD and combined with practice. Graduates of the University are excellent professionals who are in demand worldwide. The University is one of the most popular universities in Austria and it's all thanks to a supportive atmosphere and individual attention to students. At present, there is learning more than 11 thousand students.

Wirtschaftsuniversit ä t Wien

In Europe, the Vienna University occupies 28th place among all universities in the German-speaking space! And according to the Financial Times, the University is one of the twenty best economic universities in Europe. The university offers   economic and legal specialof 11 faculties. It is very popular among foreign students (today their number exceeds 23%). It offers some specialty in English. The teaching staff of the university is strong enough and has an excellent reputation in the scientific community.

Medizinische Universit ä t Wien

Medical University of Vienna was founded in 1365 as a Medical Faculty of Universit ä t Wien. And since 2004, the university received autonomy. It is one of the best medical research universities in Europe and Austria. It is studying somewhere the 8000 students.

Technische Universit ä t Wien

The Technical University of Vienna is one of the best technical universities in Europe and the largest Austrian universities in the field of science and technology. It was founded in 1815. University offers 43 master's degree programs, 19 bachelor's degree and doctorate. One of its main advantages isXia mix of practice and theory. Today it has over 27 thousand. Students. The University cooperates with 80 universities from around the world. There is studying about 25% of foreign students.

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