What are the contraindications of laser hair removal?

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contraindication for laser hair removal are cancer. However, the laser trigger WHOpenetration of tumors on the skin can not have such a property only ultraviolet wavelengths of 320-400 nanometers. Eczema, psoriasis and pigmentation laser hair removal can not be done only on the affected skin. All the speeches on the skin, as well as moles, are covered with a white cloth that does not transmit the laser beam. Laze epilationrum should not be used if the skin is tanned, it may cause burns. In all other cases, laser hair removal is completely safe. The laser, which is used in cosmetology centers are allowed to do hair removal, even teenagers after puberty. Besides, now on sale is also used for homeIa.

What can be done before and after hair removal, but is it worth?

Root hair removal should be done in the fall, and when you do not plan to spend a vacation. Before the procedure, you can not sunbathe and after two weeks, and should limit exposure to the sun.

Before the procedure of laser hair removal should seek adviceher to a specialist. Part of the body, which should remove the hair, to shave 4-8 hours before the hair removal. If you plan to process a large portion of the laser, in most centers can go free sample. Within 2-3 weeks after the test experts to observe how the skin reacts, and determine how much power it is necessary to select the dTo completely remove the hair.

What are the laser removes hair?

The darker the color, the more effective the procedure as the laser is absorbed by the dark pigment only. If your hair is very blond, red or gray, the hair removal will not have the desired effect. In other cases, hair removal is quite effective.

Also,the laser light is not removed vellus hair. They are very small and almost invisible, therefore it is advisable not to shave. After shaving vellus hair becomes stiff and then they will always have to shave or do repeated epilation. If customers wish to remove vellus hair on the upper lip, which are slightly stained, for the laser - ata difficult task. In this case, it may be necessary, even more than 10 treatments with an interval of six to eight weeks to achieve the desired result.

Laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair permanently?

If the remaining 10% of the hair, it is considered that the hair removed permanently. Happensie that clients come to the correction that made epilation ten years ago to remove the hair that grew. In average 10% of what it was prior to epilation. If it had grown just a few hairs, that may be enough and two laser pulse that is not expensive.

If the hair removal does not bring the expected results?

If the hair removal does not work for 12 procedures, it indicates problems in the body. Therefore it is necessary to see a doctor, preferably a gynecologist or endocrinologist. It may be polycystic problems with the ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid disease, and others. Improperly selected hormonal preparayou long-term use of painkillers or antibiotics can disrupt the hormonal status, sometimes accompanied by hirsutism.

If there are certain hormonal disruptions, the removal procedure must be repeated every three months over a lifetime, or treat the cause. After laser hair removal - it is not a medical procedureAnd cosmetic and aesthetic.

You can do hair removal laser tattoo?

Each wavelength absorbed some pigment. The wavelength of the laser is absorbed by the pigment melanin - a dark blue and brown. Therefore, if the coloring has the tattoo, the laser can illuminate it. PBefore the procedure on a small part of the tattoo should try, it would not change color under the influence of the laser. The best option - to do hair removal before the tattoo.

Can I use a laser to remove an ingrown hair or lit?

If you covered your hair - it's not scary. The main thing is that the roots of thosemnye. Laser penetrates deep into the skin, regardless of whether a hair on, and absorbed by a dark pigment. With laser hair removal can get rid of ingrown hairs. They often appear after the use of electric epilator or wax depilation. For one, two courses you can solve this problem. The laser is not necessary that the hair wasand on top of it penetrates the skin, burns dark hair, which is then vsihaetsya without injury comes out.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal over other methods of hair removal?

Of all the methods of hair removal and hair removal, laser - the most effective. Laser wave have the same length and are aimed at a targetSo the end result is better than hair removal. Although it also occurs with light, but the wavelength photoepilation apparatus different - from 500 to 1200 nanometers, and it affects the effect. Wavelength can cause burns, if the light does not hit the target, and the short - can not completely destroy the hair follicle. With regard to the quantumoh hair removal, it's just a publicity stunt. Quantum hair removal - it is not something new, called quantum laser epilation and photoepilation. The essence is the same - everything is happening at the expense of light energy absorbed by the specific pigment.

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