What are the collimator sights


Everyone who was aiming small arms fire at a target, MNayut that this is not so easy, especially if there is no shooting practice. In collimator sights there are a number of significant advantages. But first, let's understand what the « collimator & raquo ;. This device, which greatly simplifies the process of targeting us. His feature - a lack of focus (does not matter, where theene target). The principle of collimator sight is to obtain a beam that, in turn, are reflected from the observed objects. It set the reticle that is highlighted by an electronic device. Let's talk about these sights in more detail and tell us about them, Ivanov AP - editor of pricel.in.ua (, whereyou can buy a kolimator for every taste).

Lines kolimatorov

  • Collimators have passive and active. Passive not need an external power source and is actively working on batteries;
  • There is also a « blind » and through collimators. Differthey that using using « blind » (stereoscopic) sights to aim only 2 eyes, and through - you can aim them as 1-and 2 eyes;
  • Even as closed (with a few lenses) and open (with the first lens). Both are slightly reminiscent of the optical sight, the truth aboutany shorter. Incidentally « lens » in this case - is a glass screen on which is projected reticle. This grade can be formed in the collimators 2 ways: svitoidny (The LEDs illuminated plate) and a holographic (laser mark is highlighted).

What is the collimator better indoor or outdoor?

If you honestly, it's a matter of taste. Closed kolimatory more durable because they have the best protection against the negative influence of the environment (misting) and mechanical damage. True, they have one drawback - they are rather bulky. Open the collimator sights much more compact. They are also less of obstaclesby the review. Therefore, the choice is between ease of use and durability.

Benefits collimator sight

  1. This Scope 2 performs important functions: it is necessary to bring your weapon at a target and keep it at gunpoint. For example, if you use the optical sight, and your target MotionIt is, what a shot it will be very difficult. Optics will need to bring all the time. Reflex Sight also does not need it. Thus, fixing the target, you will clearly see where you want to shoot, even if it is Motor randomly and quickly. For accurate shots do not even need a clear route guidance;
  2. KolimatOp weighs less than an optical sight;
  3. Collimator sights Eotech, can work together with NVS;
  4. Unlike laser sight sight collimator reticle will not be detected. It is, therefore these sights very effectively used for hunting, and forhostilities (as they say: the sniper must remain undetected).


The main drawback collimator sight - is that, frequently, it is powered by batteries that can not tolerate very low temperatures.


Do not buy cheap Colliemaintenace. Of course, no one says that the high cost of quality guarantees you 100%, if you buy a $ 15 scope - you spend your money on a device that only superficially resembles the collimator.

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