What is considered a high-quality down jacket


Winter, as always comes unexpectedly. December and subzero temperatures on the street - this is normal. In order to feel SEBI am confident and comfortable in cold weather, you need quite a bit - to have appropriate clothing. And then there is a question that I choose sheepskin coat or jacket? You also need to answer even one question: how not to fall for a fake? Unfortunately, very often, instead of chic coats chinchilla people buy rabbit fur, and do dorogushchieBlenk, which is spreading at the seams after the first cleaning, instead of buying down jackets sinteponovye jacket and so on. d. Let's look at the latter.

How to choose a good down jacket

  1. filling . The mostdown jacket is the main component of the filling. On the label of down jackets in the first row has numbers after the slash: 80/20 or 70/30. It is nothing but the ratio of feathers and down, first figure - is down, the second - a feather. There is the following pattern: the more down, the warmer jacket. Winter is considered to be a down jacket, in which more than 70% down. Ifin a down jacket more than 80% down, it can withstand even the frost 30 0 C. On the set of feather 2nd line contains information about the vehicle (goose, eider duck or down). The luxury brand down jacket, as a filler often used goose or eider down. The cheap down jackets, which are often sewn in China, there are two problems: the poohHovik instead goose down can fill a chicken or duck, and are heated very bad; labels can often read that the jacket contains 70% down, and in fact, it is only 30%, while the remaining 70% - a pen;
  2. weight . Choose a jacket weight. The puHowick easier the more it down. Jacket should not be heavier than 1 kg;
  3. as filler . Fold jacket seam. If you see that the feathers looked out or else feel the sharp ends of their fingers - this means that filler of Puchovka very quickly get out;
  4. Wash . For a variety of feather normal washing is undesirable test. After her feathers fall down a success, and then they are impossible to dry. In order to sort happened, your jacket needs a proper wash.During the washing place in stiralku down jacket with 3 tennis ball, in which case the fluff rolled into lumps. In order to not stay down jacket stains - washing, use only liquid detergent;
  5. Fakes . Sewing feather is a very profitable business servicesCarried. Filling in the form syntepon plus the cheapest fabric and psevdopuhovik ready. Fake Jackets can be found in almost any market, and even in the stores. In winter plant with underground production are growing like mushrooms after rain. So how do you see the fake? The down jacket, sewn in sweatshops, seams curves, thread sticking out from the substrateand looks sintepon. Also look at the lightning, more precisely, on her tongue. The original jacket on the tongue always has the logo of the manufacturer. Underground also manufacturers a simple jacket sewn zipper. The fact that the store can not buy branded zipper.

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