Untouched nature, inaccessible fjords, harsh wind... Of course this is Norway. What "Russian soul" may search in these cold stone beauties? Tired of city life, many people are willing to immerse themselves  recalcitrant and unbridled world of natural forces. This can be found in the beautiful and mysterious Norway.
NorwayMany people want to come to this country, to feel the spirit of the ancient Vikings. Some dream to meet a fairytale trolls. And the most untiring libertines want to find ancient treasures and artifacts of the Celts. In any case, any tourist will take away a piece of the country's unique beauty and mystery.
norway trollsIs a pity that for all adventures you will have only a few weeks! A lot of interesting, but how little time to see all this. But still it is necessary to remember relatives and friends, who with great impatience are waiting for your return. Do you remember that you have promised to bring a lot of gifts and souvenirs?
Of course you can cheat: when departing from the airport you can purchase souvenirs in the duty free shop, and no one will ever guess that you spent only twenty minutes and a few hundred dollars for the purchases. This is not the most pleasant variant. Norway fjordThere is another way to buy the promised gifts, as well as to get sea of positive and interesting information for yourself. Most likely you have already mapped out a plan of trips and events. Think, because you can find a very unusual things, when visiting museums and ancient castles.
Let us plan your shopping tour, matching your excursion routes.
OsloFor a  beginning, like any normal tourist you will visit Oslo - the capital of Norway. Walking through the streets, past the local attractions, you will not be able to bypass souvenir shops. In them you will find gifts for all friends and family members.
One of the most common gifts is a figure of a troll. norway trollsAll Norwegian " trolls" have a well-defined personality: some touches by their good-natured smile, while others look at you from under their brows with stern glance. Next to the trolls "live" various seals and other Norwegian animals.
When you get tired to wander through streets, looking in the numerous shops in Oslo, and you will want to have some snack, then visit the nearest butcher shop: fjordsthere you will be able not only to replenish your stocks of food, but also to buy funny "edible gifts". Of course, this is various sausages of venison. Also in the neighborhood you can find a wine cellar, where you can buy akevit - Norway's national drink. By taste it is quite strong substance, spicy, amber in color. Male half of your family and friends will really appreciate this "gift."
NorwayYou should not sidestep a numerous shops with fish. Norway is a country where you can taste the best in the world, salted fish. Great addition, of course, as you probably guessed, will be Norwegian strong beer. After having bought a delicious venison and salted fish, we should move on.
Fjords and their bays, bordered by high rocky shores are the brightest attraction of Norway. You can take with you a bit of Norway in the form of beautiful small stones peeled by waves, which will lie on the shelf and will remind about the unusual adventure in Norway. NorwayYou can also enjoy diving, try to find interesting gifts on the bottom of the Gulf.
Norway has become famous all over the world for its ski competitions, music festivals and national holidays. In the winter at various ski competitions you can replenish your collection of various sports souvenirs, and in the summer on a meeting of folk music ensembles, without problems you can find all kinds of knitted and fur products, hand-made productions...
NorwayWell, finally you are in your hotel, packing bags. Do not forget to check whether there  are in your gifts list famous Norwegian pottery and porcelain? Silver and pewter trinkets? You should not worry, if no: this are the most popular souvenirs. You will easily find various decorations and kitchen utensils in the nearest gift shop.
And now has come the time to say goodbye to this attractive and mysterious country. In Norway, there is a legend that, if you will leave stone human figure on a shore, then you will certainly return to this unforgettable country of the severe nature.

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    Mike - 15.12.2012, 08:03
    I like this contry its the most wonderful contry i have ever been.
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    Ottorvald - 17.12.2012, 21:05
    Great place - the best country for living, clean air and plesant people make it ideal for life.
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    Pit - 9.01.2013, 01:58
    Norway is amazing - very beautiful views open before you here. Firstly i didnn't beliave my eyes: fjords its something overwelming!
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    Givi - 16.01.2013, 05:52
    Perfect photos!
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    Kurt - 21.01.2013, 19:44
    Its real haven on the Earth.
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    Gruber - 22.01.2013, 01:41
    No surprise to me... All Scandinavian countries are amazing!
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    Olaph - 22.01.2013, 07:07
    Great video!
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    Zac - 22.01.2013, 12:16
    Fanny statues of trolls-)
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    zolian - 22.01.2013, 17:09
    The best winter contry in the whole world.
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    Teddy - 24.01.2013, 03:35
    Yea Norway is a very beautiful place.
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    Jerom - 24.01.2013, 09:14
    Norway is my favorite place for winter vacation.
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    Otto - 29.01.2013, 11:39
    Fantasticly beautiful country!!!!
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    The excellent message gallantly)))