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School - Kindergarten "Young Masters"

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Private educational institution named in the settlement –Kindergarten "Young Masters" - it is quite successfully developing the educational establishment type.

Today, "Young Masters" is:

  • A new elementary school, which is located in the village of Gribanovo Ilyinsk highway.
  • a huge, well-secured kindergarten, which is nand Rublevo-Uspensky highway;

  Benefits « Young Captains » You can identify such:

  • the ability to receive the Russian and British education (only program known University of Cambridge);
  • the presence of large private financial base (own the two buildings, connosportivny complex and swimming pool);
  • excellent work of the English club;
  • combination of classical traditions of modern educational technologies and Russian education;
  • the formation is in the form of external studies;
  • excellent professional management team of the best directors of Moscow privateschools;
  • further education.

  Kindergarten is located on the seventeenth kilometer Rublevo Assumption highway. In the institution accepts children from three years.

The program is a kindergarten include:

  • earliest known study of the English language (three years);
  • classes in order to prepare pre-school education;
  • sessions with a speech therapist pathologist;
  • the lessons of gymnastics, dance, music;
  • lessons in the pool;
  • visual classes, as well as arts and crafts;
  • music classes.

The system is alreadyadditional education always works English club - International Language Programme. He is engaged in teaching children English. Music, art creativity, play, imagination and interaction – the foundation of the program.

A lot of attention is paid to the organization is a healthy balanced baby food. Each child receives four meals a day. The process of cooking is under the control of specialized medical staff.

In order to maintain and enhance the health of children have developed a special program, which provides as follows:

  • daily inclusion of fruit and vegetables in the diet for Deteth;
  • multi-stage water purification systems;
  • provide the necessary emergency assistance of highly qualified physicians on required health insurance program;
  • The resulting broth berries, herbs and so on.;
  • getting oxygen cocktails.

"The English International School" racesentitled   Village Gribanovo Ilyinsk highway. We accept children from first to ninth grade. The main objective of the school is to provide a high level of education to the development of diverse and specific abilities of the child.

To realize this goal, we have:

  • a large territory in orderTo engage in sports and walks;
  • own building;
  • a wide network of education (arts, music, computers pool, chess).

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