Family business: the advantages and disadvantages

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Ever since childhood,watching the lives of people who are engaged in some business I thought about ways of doing business from the point of view of bringing to the case of his family business. It is these observations inspired to write articles on this topic. By the way, to become a successful businessman, you need to know a lot of nuances. Check them you can at specialized biznes-trainings in more detail.

Fathers and Sons

In the main picture, which has seen the following. Ever since childhood, their children parents businessman trying to attract business to the extent that, at what age are the son or daughter. At first, the children were given to perform very simple tasks, for which anor receive certain cash consideration. Gradually with age, the problem is complicated, demanding greater accountability. Thus, we prepared and educated future entrepreneurs. Through this approach, children learn from an early age to handle money, make them multiply. It is important that people learned to properly disposeXia even large sums of money, because it will allow the ability to intelligently manage and more revenue to invest them properly and multiply. Without a doubt, anyone who creates a business that becomes successful, profitable, sooner or later come to the point when you need to retire and pass control to the children or other heirs. History znaeie various cases where the heirs took over the business, and how to successfully continue its development and successfully deal fell apart. Observations show that those who properly educate their children, and was able to learn to run a business properly, could watch with delight, sometimes even greater success, development and expansion of territory, captures the geography of business servicesGa.

The couple

Mostly it happens that a business generates and develops the idea of ??someone one of the spouses. The other, as a direct participant, is just to the side of the process of creation, development up to a point. So is there in most situations. To a large extent it is peculiar to differentm types of linear business. Discuss the reasons for this development, we are not going to.

At the moment we are interested in a situation where at some stage of development in the business and joined the second half. Basically this situation occurs among network marketing. As a rule, things are moving in the following scenario. Rmabout something (spouse) start to deal with the case, start from scratch (fortunately, in most cases such a business requires a lot of money to start). Unfortunately, in most cases relatives do not take seriously a new occupation, so in this case the best care of them - it's just not the way. However, time passes, a novice in the business becomesI'm an expert, step by step, overcoming difficulties and achieving good results. Usually, it is in a period of significant other decides to join. Thus, it becomes a family affair. This family business has its advantages.

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