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One of the most important qualities of a person, in the context of the historical process, is his ability to think and be creative. This is toRNU distinguishes it from all other living species on the planet, allowing you to actively develop and improve itself. Watching the story of a man from the first historical references to the present day we have to admit that one of the main engines of progress is education. The generalized version of this is not that other, as the accumulation of specificing knowledge and skills that can and should be applied in practice. Nevertheless, especially in the proposal or determining Education, as the process is the term "specific". So is there because people actually throughout his life constantly accumulates different knowledge and skills, but the continuous process is not aeducation. In order to get a certain degree, you must pass a well-defined, focused training. This is clearly a systematic process: the time, the place of learning for its specificity and teaching staff.

MAI place in the global education system

Analyzing levelsdevelopment of advanced countries, we must recognize the fact that the most successful countries are those that do not spare your budget to the needs of the citizens of the education system. This is logical, because an educated man very different looks at the world, or is able to solve the existing problem. &Nbsp; Today, what country does not take, the number of educational establishmentseny highest accreditation level - enough to organize a full-fledged education system. However, not all of them have the proper level and authority in society, it is not so well known as the Sorbonne, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, etc. Russia in this regard is no exception, since among the huge number of universities pageAna, not all have such status, such as the MAI - Moscow Aviation Institute, one of the pioneers and the main centers of development of aviation technology in the country.

A brief historical sketch

History of the MAI began with theoretical courses in the future Bauman towhich matured were organized with the direct assistance of the aerodynamics pioneer Nikolai Zhukovsky in 1909. After two decades at the Faculty of Moscow State Technical University (then - School) was created aeromechanical Graduate School, in the same year received the right to call the MAI, as a separate institution. After the war, the university received a new impetus to the development, significantly expanding the area andstructure, and in 2009 altogether, received the status of national research university.

Structure and students

Throughout its history, the MAI is a major source of scientific personnel for the aviation and space industries. Today MAI - more than 20,000 students attend classes each yearI have it more than a dozen departments and branches. Notable students and alumni of the university, which is in the history, there are more than 160 thousand, you can find such famous names as - president of Akron and EJC, Parfenov Igor - CEO « Megafon & raquo ;, Pleshakov Alexander - Chairman of the Board « Transaero » , Gromakovin Yuri - Vice-President of MTS and many others.

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