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The Viking Age for quite some time has passed.However, still alive the legend of the famous men of that are very well known, what is the real risk. That is why the machine was created Viking Age, which tells of the exploits of the most   fearless warriors, and offers, together with them, to plunge into the past and thus to witness these heroic events.

When startingautomatic, you go on a journey. Immediately transfer to the atmosphere when the Vikings were still alive when it was necessary to survive due to the   stamina and ingenuity. In the main menu of the game you will meet a busty girl Viking with a very thick braids. Offering it will be a 3-D gaming machine Viking Age in which you can play on the dengi without registration.

All the advantages of slot

Benefits of this machine are diverse. , convenient, and colorful interface, a unique grid of lines and, of course, a terrific story.

You will be given the opportunity to play on thirty lines ofdnovremenno, which can be put on a one to ten credits. Thus, it appears that the maximum rate will be three hundred credits. The cost rate and the number of lines used to regulate absolutely alone.

The symbols

If after the rotation of the drum appear on yourm   screen five characters together with the image is white-haired Erika, the amount of your bet can be multiplied in two thousand five hundred times, and if you fall out symbols   Elgrina (red), the prize increase of twelve hundred and fifty times.

The ship Viking five pieces multiply the rate of a thousand, and the axViking — seven hundred and fifty times. Symbols with the presence of the image of the table, where burning candles and scattered various coins, can increase your rate of six hundred twenty-five times, and the wooden dragon — five hundred times, a symbol of the runes — three hundred seventy five times and, finally, five symbols depicting wheel multiply rate of two hundred and nyatdesyat times. These are the main elements of the game, thanks to which it is possible to break the bank.

What are the bonuses this slot machine?

The gameplay is accompanied by the presence of various bonuses in the game that are present in large numbers.
Three characters with the presence of the image you can Amma movedfive in the bonus round, where you can get free spins. When will occur fries spins, the Vikings will destroy the rocks and bring you different cash rewards.

In order to proceed to the second bonus game you need to collect the drums three red hat and help decipher the runes Amma. If your behaviorZ, the girl will give   free spins, as well as monetary compensation or a quick transition to the bonus game, which is impossible to lose. Winnings that you have earned at least be multiplied, but of you it will be, depends, how many times.

Also, there is still a bonus for checking the power. There are two wikinga may face off. If you'll master the opponent, then you will be well rewarded.

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