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Born Olga Buzova family ordinary employees. When the   She graduated with aerebryanoy medal high school, I immediately entered the renowned University of St. Petersburg at the Faculty of Geography and Geo-ecology, which finished   two thousand eighth year with honors. Instagram Buzov can be found at the link.
In the year two thousand and four   girlHe became a member of the popular reality show "Dom-2", in the hope of still arrange a personal life. For several years Buzova lived on this project, and even became the results of voting it is the audience, the best TV project participant, as well as his only hero for all time of its existence. And also I would like to note that it is suchalk become, from a simple participant, leading the show.

When she was in on the project, then she began her career as a TV presenter. From 2005 to 2006   Olga with the famous Roman Tretyakov   on the TV channel "TNT" led youth talk show, entitled "Novelthe Buzov. "This project was very successful and quickly gained enormous popularity among all viewers. With this, the guys began leading her eponymous talk show   on the radio" Pops ".

Olga Buzova in 2007 became the leader of its ownth column, titled "Caution, stylists!", which was shown in the program "Morning on TNT." As well as Olga led the program "Black Label". It should also be mentioned that it is quite a frequent guest on various TV channel "TNT". After all, it can be seen in "Attack of the clowns", "Sosmopolitan. VideoVersion "," Child-robot ", Comedy Club," Taxi, "" The Battle of psychics, "and many others.

In 2008, Olga Buzovaa   she made her debut as an actress in the TV series "Univer", which aired on   already home to her, "TNT", where she could play itself. The twoeight thousand, she attempted to create a solo music career.

In late 2008 Olga Buzova has become a co-host of the show "Dom-2", and chief editor of the magazine - "The World of the reality show. Dom-2". Career actress Olga Buzov continued in 2010. This   timeshe was able to make his debut   in the play "Honeymoon" on the stage, and then she had a great role in a production called "Chic wedding".

I would also like to note that the star has released a clothing line. This happened as a result of excellent cooperation with the brand, called the  C & C. Then, Olga took part in the famous season 7 of "Dancing with the Stars," which could take away on the famous TV channel "Russia-1". And in the fourteenth year two thousand and it became known unpleasant fact - that the Olga   It will no longer be the Vedasuschey "House 2".

Personal life girl

In 2012, Olga and the famous football player Dmitry Tarasov married.

Filmography Actress:

  • Elena polypropylene;
  • Univer;
  • Zaytsev + 1.

Prizes and awards

Olga won the award "Gold person" in two thousand and seventh year as the brightest and most stylish blonde country. And she has a certificate of volunteers in two thousand ninth year. For the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is and for the fight against the constant smoking. For popularizationTheological gratuitous, as well as a regular donation to her the award presented by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sports and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation.

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