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What better cosmetics water - waterless washing trending

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Western experts are increasingly offering itsthem to clients with dry and sensitive skin, turning to him with a variety of dermatological problems, switch to anhydrous washing. This allows you to reduce inflammation, reduces the appearance of acne, prevents peeling. Of course, we are not talking about what should completely abandon the waterand go on alone wiping and rubbing. Scientists are trying to find a way to reduce the negative impact of the complex composition of the fluid that flows out of our pipes, as bad water, multiplied by the dirty air and UV aggression, can significantly worsen the condition of the skin and accelerate its aging.

With regular nUSAGE right cosmetics and minimize contact with chlorinated tap water, the skin is very fast becoming a healthy and fresh. What is important is to choose the makeup of impeccable quality and do not forget about peeling. Quality and safety or retail – no longer a problem. You can choose the ideal means, respectivelytstvuyuschie type of skin, and use them to take care of all the problem areas, protecting them from any negative impact. And for normal skin new trend it is also great.

The hardest thing to get used to reject it on the morning washing, because we were taught this from childhood. Nevertheless, the lack of water morning proceduretion care is applied to the face jelly and subsequently removing it by means of micellar water. Then moisturize the skin with thermal water. Evening departure from removing makeup also involves the use of milk. It is applied for a few minutes and carefully remove the cotton pad. Then you need to moisten the face thermal water. If poppiesyazha was not possible to replace milk and tonic, and after that moisturize the skin.

It is worth remembering that the holders of oily skin anhydrous are not washing It fits. In this case it is better not to abandon the usual procedure of washing. It would be used for the procedure only filteredwater, but it is not necessary to boil. Allow the skin to always look fresh and helps specially selected cosmetics suitable skin prone to fat.

Every woman wants to look beautiful, but often it takes from it certain "victims". Let's be perfectly care for their skin, not forgettinghealth.

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