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Goinggo on a trip, you need to learn how to write business letters and understand the interlocutor in English? Or you just want to pull up your knowledge and learn the language so that is easy to read, write and speak?

Of course, you need to be a school English language. But how to select it, the Vedass institutions are many and each seems good and productive. Let's look at some of the best schools in English , where you can learn and grammar and conversation clubs to visit and get acquainted with the subtleties of pronunciation.

Top 3 best schools English

English Prime   among the top three because it has the feature - is the presence of its own methods of teaching, which is based not only on cramming the rules, and understanding the material and the ability to apply their knowledge in practice. It proposes the establishment of several aimss and advanced students and beginners.

  • The initial courses will help adapt to the English. In just a few months, you will learn how to talk about yourself, your family, hobbies, will know the alphabet, basic words and sentences that are needed in everyday communication.
  • Intensive. Designed for those who need to make « breakthrough » knowledge. The duration of the course will be only 14 days. During this time you will be able to overcome the language barrier, increase vocabulary and improve auditory perception of language skills.

Before you enroll in a school, you can take the free lesson. Also, students can attend English Prime Speaking club, where togetherwith native speakers will hone skills in spoken communication.

School Speak Up .   The institution also has its own method of teaching, which is based on the 5 « pillars » - Multimedia, conversational, grammar, group and individual components. The school has modern classroomsE boasts experienced teachers with international certificates and Conversation Club with native speakers. The Speak Up, you can go through:

  • The main course where you can master the basic knowledge of English and learn to write and speak about yourself, talk on the phone daily threadsconstruct sentences correctly.
  • Business course, which will help familiarize yourself with the business terms of the business literature letters and subtleties of communication on economic and financial topics.

Also, the school offers to join the club, where you will be able to continually hone their skills and communicate with teachers from the UK and the US. Beforewhile the right to enroll in a course, you can take a free testing for knowledge.

British Council .   The very name of the school says that you can not only learn the language but also to prepare for the international exams. The school with the British Council has the feature – individual you progressssivnuyu teaching methods, equipped classrooms and 6 computer terminals that will help to learn English on their own.

  • The school offers to undergo English for adults. You may enroll in courses for primary and for accelerated language learning.
  • FinanceEnglish first get acquainted not only with the terminology and subtleties of communication in business circles, but also help to get a certificate of knowledge of the business English .
  • The corporate rate, which is calculated on the big companies, and individual sessions with each employee.

Also, BritishCouncil provides its students access to online courses, modern textbooks and materials. Prepare at the school is possible and to pass IELTS.

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