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How I learned to embroider

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> As the years passed, I went to school in the 3rd grade in the classroom work, we have begun to study the technique of embroidery "cross." Then I thought of my grandmothertion "Art Galleries" and went to visit her. At this time, my grandmother sent me not to play with friends, and began to explain what's what. It turned out that the "fabric with square holes" called the canvas, and there is a special needle.

Is it easy to choose the thread to start sewing?

Molyneux, Kazhetsya not easy to choose, it is necessary to have some knowledge and experience. Qualitative threads should be equal, have a bright, clean color, not shedding, and does not fade in the sun. Then Grandma gave me his thread and began to teach me the art of embroidery "cross." First, I have, of course, nothing happened, but then cross over the cross and I embroideredand his first painting. My first painting was a bunny with a carrot. Then I have all praised and admired my product, I liked it, and I showed her all the bunny friends.

The continuation of my grandmother's case

I really took his grandmother's picture, and I decided not to dwell on a kartinke and create the same "art gallery". Next, I embroidered a picture, which depicted my cat Murchik. Next, I was fascinated by embroidering flowers - embroider them until now. In general, there are types of stitches of embroidery techniques:

  1. Loose joints;
  2. Zatyaganka;
  3. Stebnivka;
  4. vestibule;
  5. Lowland and lacemany others.

What do the colors of embroidered shirts?

Each color is characterized by its value and create more energy, a person can experience with the use of mood, so not only the pattern, but the color can affect the owner directly to embroidery. Red, for example, whiskerilivaet energy. Very often it is present in various wedding men's shirts. This cheerful ornament shows us love, passion and aggression. Black also reminds everyone of sadness, burn, death. Although, if Honestly, the unambiguous interpretation of the symbolism of color directly in the folk embroidery no. In some regions, is considered blackfirst - the color of earth, a symbol of wealth, fertility, the color of the farmers. Blue, green, pink and symbolize the spiritual spectrum. These colors are considered to be grace, because they contribute to a quiet life. Green longer inherent, and it is associated with the natural origins. Purple - the color of grace, subtly combines male and neposredstvenno feminine essence. Yellow: A yellow color on embroidery carry a sense of joy. This color is much enhances cheerful disposition and openness of each individual.

So, in order to start the embroidery must first be determined with the fabric, thread and pattern. It is also important to have a talent for this business becausethat the approach to work without love, you will never get good results.

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