Techniques for better memorization of the German lexicon


The study of foreign languagesIt has never been easy, even for the most talented people with advanced capabilities for rapid absorption of the material. Schoolchildren, students,   and simply those who have decided to enrich his intellect another language, almost half of their training time spent on memorizing new words. Such an approach is not very practical, because that is wastedCoy important resource is time.   In fact, the day you can learn 20 new words in a few minutes.

And so, it is important not the number of hours you spend, driving himself in the head words , which is already for 5 minutes   at best forgotten and at worst mixedAnd the regularity with which you will repeat them. &Nbsp; Proceed according to the scheme learned 5 words and went to do something else, every hour find a few minutes to repeat the new vocabulary. As easy as pie. Eat in the subway or bus? Then scroll to the head words . We had dinner in the dining room or cafesie, remove the words pi, and read several times of 5 words. The more often you   You will find   repetition time, the better.

Do not remember the « dry » words . Invent association with each word, snary or auditory images (depending on what kind of feeling you have more developed).

It is best remembered words in a live speech. Watch movies with subtitles, listen to the sound of the new words (in this case, you bThere will also better pronunciation), or better yet, talk to native speakers of German.   It is also advisable not to teach a single word taken from the words OC and the whole phrase or design of the test. In this case, you will see the exact use of the words in practice.

Of course, to read the most e3lementarnye text, you need to possess a certain base. In order to obtain sufficient information, it is necessary to engage with the teacher. Company Website « Ukraine Tutors » It offers the best coaches in the German language in Kiev. Experienceds teachers will explain all the strange moments in grammar and vocabulary. Also, the tutor of the German language in Kiev can become your perfect companion in everyday practice. On the site you will find the portfolio of the best coaches in Ukraine.

On the Internet there are many sites where people communicate with each other ofdifferent countries to learn the language. There can be great practice   to use the German language. Home – work, then the result will not take long.

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