Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach


Sun Beach is the huge resort inBulgaria. The resort is located 35 km from Burgas Airport. The famous sandy beach of Sunny Beach and stretches over 5 km. The beach is covered with fine clean sand, which in some places forms beautiful dunes. It is very convenient entry into the water (quite flat) that, in turn, will be a hugeth advantage of if you are going to rest with children. about this on our website www.terra-z.ru.

The terrain is absolutely flat plain that is covered by mixed deciduous-coniferous vegetation, which in turn creates a unique microclimate in the resort. Average water temperature in the summer of 22- 24degrees of heat, and the air 25 to 28 degrees.

In recent years, Sun Beach was one of the resorts in Bulgaria, which are the most rapidly developing. Since the end of devyanostyh years for each new season the resort is carried out reconstruction stary hotels pestoranov, various entertainment facilities and other objects of tourist infrastructure and building new facilities. Resort Sun Beach the first in the whole of Bulgaria has created excellent conditions for investment in tourism sphere concerning prices na resort property many times and grew ahead of all the resorts in the country.

Today there is a luxury five-star hotels, many hotels of category 3 - 4 stars, which are equipped with modern hotel standards and still have a couple of hotels democratic category 2 stars, which are ideal for "bednyh "students, or those who wish to save.
Because the resort is on a huge area, all hotels fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape and the feeling of overcrowding on the beach strip has only in Sunny Beach and that most ofdhodit for noisy and fun holiday. In the central part of the resort there are many cocktail bars in the open air attractions that kids adore, restaurants with varying cuisine, shops with fruit, clothing, souvenirs, etc., Nightclubs and discos for young people.

In other words, once the center of the Sun Beach as well, any tourist will forget what boredom is on vacation. If you do not want to hear noise under your windows, then you should choose a hotel in the southern or the northern part of the resort, but it is advisable not on the 1st line. From here in just 5-10 minutes you can easily get to the center of the resort and at the same time you will be guaranteedVan healthy and restful sleep.

Due to the favorable location, Sun Beach provides travelers excellent sightseeing opportunities, memorable beach vacation and a lot of sporting events. At the beach resort you will find: a children's pooleyny and water slides, water bike, jet skis and catamarans, bungee jumping, flying gliders, yachting, parachuting, skiing, water banana, skiing, etc.. The resort is Sun Beach will fit almost all travelers from fAnat leisure and to couples with young children.

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