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Gas balloon equipment is the fourth generation of a deservedly became the world kaHBO-quality standard and even the most common unique system in the vast our large Ukraine and all CIS countries. The installation of this generation is very comfortable to carry in any modern or ottechestvenny car and its reliability and durability attracts more unique motorists. Company priustanovke de HBObarks mix: very quiet engine with good ease of its launch.

The benefits of this HBO 4

  1. Much of its economy. Even though it all costs for installation and maintenance, quality equipment Gas balloon fourth generation always pays for itself in the coming months, especially EUDo you often move around in the big city driving is his car.
  2. It is an enormous power. With the most modern correct installation and adjustment of the HBO loss of all engine power directly no, because all the octane number of the gas is much higher than that of gasoline. The engine, of course, runs smoothlyand very confident, and the term of its good service is not reduced.
  3. High-quality security. The gas tank is durable and good never explode at the slightest touch, as in the modern Hollywood movies. If it is a direct hit in a real accident is the existence of such a gas cylinder in your car safely and for both the Vodtelya and for all passengers.
  4. Unique reliability. HBO is 4 generations very significantly reduces the risk of its detonation damage to the engine and all service station HBO modern very easy to find in almost any towns and cities of the country.
  5. Contemporary its environmental friendliness. His Obursting gases simply cease to be very toxic, all petrol methane and unique LPG contain exactly the minimum number of harmful elements (this is just the norm EURO 4).

How well things work?

Gas balloon fourth-generation high-quality equipment and wellApplies single- or double reduction based directly on the type of gas. The most basic task of its gear - it's a good pressure holding it in a gas cylinder at all appropriate level (1.2bar 1.8bar for propane and methane directly).

In a simple system of HBO 4generation also set a good quality cleaning fine filter through which the gas flows is to gear its nozzle bar. Filter always prevents clogging of the strap, so as not to disturb his dispensing directly into the motor of the gas itself. Close to all the intake valves set a good INLETsecond manifold, which are all high quality fittings Spray. That is, even to them with the nozzle strips and goes all the peeled and also metered gas.

The gas injector in a good HBO 4th generation always it regulates the functioning of all gas injectors so that the entire sequence ofWork simply match the unique petrol injectors. Block of modern management collects a gas injector for that data obtained directly from the sensors of your car.

Built-in   gas equipment and its system of internal security monitors and all exponentsWhether with various temperature sensors and the quality of the gas pressure sensor. In the case of even a critical reduction in pressure engine automatically switches to petrol mode is simple.

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