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To block Internet sites there etc.ostye but very effective ways. The content can be viewed and it takes a little time. These methods can be permanent or temporary solutions to protect your computer, or some limitations that you set, or other persons, such as children, who spend much time on the Internet. If you want to know Boproc eed about internet security, there is provided a few tips to help you make the lock and unlock sites . The fact can be found in the resource srazysysadmin.ru.

There are many programs that are available to block web sites . However, while these programs themselves are good, sometimes they can cause more problems on the lock of the content for which you want to access. First you invest in these programs, you can take some steps to block websites and monitor content. In Internet Explorer, Zaibabe in the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options." In the "Content" tab, click "Enable" in the "Content Advisor." To prevent anything else to lock or unlock your list of sites to evaluate certain types of sites , and it will automatically block or LIMITichit sites based on this system. It is also important to fix the ratings on the "Ratings ». In order to block certain websites from being accessed tab « Allowed Sites" and add each site that you want to block it in the list. Select « never & raquo ;, and then - "OK". If you do not want to useamb Content Advisor, click the browser again and "Security" tab, by the way, there are options such as the "Trusted sites" and "Restricted sites." They will automatically block content, or choose "Custom Level", which you can define: what Internet sites are blocked or allowed.

Unlock saiYou can adjust the control of the content that matches the needs. It is difficult sometimes to access blocked sites. If you have created a security system, you should be able to read the instructions and follow it to disable the event sites locks in place.If the forum software and manually blocked each site or used the contents Advisor, you can manually unlock them. Under Content Advisor, low ratings or remove blocked sites from the list of approved areas. On the « Security & raquo ;, remove the blocked site from a limited list tounlock it. You can add sites to the list of trusted or approved lists in order to ensure that it will remain unlocked.

If you are using the computer, it is the Internet security system, and you can not manage, you should find your way around the site, which blocks the software. One of the joint ventureParticular to unlock previously locked site - through a proxy server. Pose Security Filter blocking a computer, the Internet proxy servers can be accessed via the Internet. Your computer communicates with a proxy server, which is connected to a blocked site.

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