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Today, everyone who has themEET camera - a photographer who has a professional camera - a professional photographer. This also applies to those people who love to shoot a video in order to then make it more unique and ideal, such as on. Today we learn about a man who is still at an early age began to love the camera …

When Oleg was13, and his father cleaned the attic and found a couple of cameras. They were in perfect condition, in the purple covers, with a beautiful stripe « Zenith & raquo ;. Oleg was curious and he almost begged Dad photo opportunity for them. The parents hoped that he will throw a little bit and play. The first thing he did when he gave phoapparat - I put it aside and read a book, a statement that was inside. A few days later, he already knew all the basic concepts and principle of operation « Zenith & raquo ;. Only then he decided to make the first frame of the …

Oleg save on school lunches, and then bought the film. It was the 2000 film on 36 shots cost about 20UAH. - His week's worth of pocket money. The fact that more and print the photos, it was not. Cool, then the development of film that was free, and he missed that Oleg was just looking at the film world. This « Zenith » he is still in perfect condition, because it is very well looked after by the technique.

At times it xochet return to the film. It has a gorgeous tone dynamic range, so the image is always soft, close to what we see with our eyes. The film has a sewn-colored curves, thanks to specialists in color and the artists who created it. When you take pictures on film, behind you already have experience of people whos are a professional colorist. With numbers you do not, it must prove to twist a lot of parameters.

need knowledge of English

Learn English. A lot of necessary information, detail, trend is only in English-speaking resources, or in the books.
For inspiration enough life wokRUG. Watching people or phenomena often gives a much more knowledge and inspiration than anything else. Once Oleg came to PRIVOZ to take pictures of raw meat, and remove the video are his Rubaiyat. In a few minutes he was approached by a security guard and told to take photo and video prohibited. In response, he read out the memorized rightsAccording to the law, I can take pictures everywhere except in government and strategic targets. But the protection was sneezing, voices grew louder, and the like. In fact, my pearl this situation, because I have studied all the people around: the reaction of passers-by, the merchants, guards. In the end, we had to go to the fish and vegetable series, and there were all PtsShade superstitious and were unsure if someone will take pictures of products, then nobody will buy.

For starters Oleg Council postponed the camera. First you have to pick up the manual and read it from the « a » to « I & raquo ;. Photo courses there, which for three lessons to people say that such a diaphragm. To find out, we need twominutes - Take the manual and do not waste money on all garbage. Next, see a lot of photos and video.

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