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movie Back to the Future

Have you ever wanted to be in the past or in the future? How many years, scientists are struggling with the deciphering of time travel and still there is no answer. Why wait? A mad scientist in the movie Back to the Future solved this problem in 1985. You want to know more?
Marty McFly back to the future movie Marty McFly - the average teenager of his time. Persistent problems, reprimands from the director at school. The dream of becoming a famous musician crashes. Mother Lorraine awaits him at home, she can not get rid of the addiction to alcohol. Father George suffers bullying of his boss Biff. Life develops not in the best way. Only girlfriend makes a hero to believe in himrself.
movie Back to the Future Dr. Emmett BrownOne day Dr. Emmett Brown appoints hero a meeting at the commercial area. Upon arrival, Marty discovers that Doctor has created a time machine. But their conversation is interrupted by terrorists in whom Brown have stolen plutonium, without which the time travel could not be realized. Libyans shoot Doctor. Escaping from the gangsters, Marty gets in the car. Speeding up to maximum speed, he moves in time, forgetting to to turn off the time control. Now our hero is in 1955.
movie Back to the FutureNot fully understanding what had happened to him, McFly wanders through his hometown. Meets his father, who was not older than Marty. Trying to catch up McFly senior, Marty saves him from a moving car, the driver of which was Lorraine's father. When he regained consciousness, Marty sees his mother and remembers that his parents had to meet namely in this way. It seems that Lorraine now is not interested in George.
movie Back to the Future Marty goes in search of Dr. Brown. Finding the source of his troubles, McFly succeed in convincing Doctor in existence of machines. He asks to help him to go back, but unfortunately, it is impossible to get the plutonium in 1955 and therefore it is impossible to work out the necessary energy to move. It seems there is no escape. Only lightning can save the situation, but no one knows when it will strike. Marty finds in his pocket a forgotten flyer and remembers that lightning will strike the clock tower in the following Saturday. Its enough time to prepare the equipment and the car.
movie Back to the FutureWhile the doctor is busy with device, Marty tries in vain to acquaint Lorraine and George. If they do not fall in love with each other at a dance party, Marty may well not even be.  Biff Tannen is also an obstacle, he intends to get the attention of Lorraine and humiliates George in every way. Dance evening is nearing. Marty develops a cunning plan. When he starts to pester to Lorraine, George must save her, but everything collapses when, enraged Biff appears instead of McFly senior. Having removed Marty from his way, Tannen brazenly solicits Lorraine. George comes to help. Having collected all the will in a fist, he strikes Biff, sending him to the knockout. Lorraine and George go to the dance together.
movie Back to the Future Marty manages to escape from Tannen's buddies. It was his hour of triumph. One of the guitarists who saved his injured arm and Marty now had the opportunity to play a few parties on the guitar. Under Marty's accompaniment his parents finally kiss.
Saying goodbye to George and Lorraine, Marty hurries to Doctor. He tries to warn Emmett about terrorists, but in vain. Dr. Brown does not want to hear anything. Marty unnoticeably puts a note in a Doctor's cloak.
Not without difficulties Marty McFly returns to his 1985 year a few minutes before the terrorist attack, but did not have time to stop murder of his friend. Running up, Marty discovers that Doctor is alive. Still, Dr. Brown has read the very note and put on body armor.
movie Back to the Future Marty finally wakes up at home. The situation has changed radically. Now his father is a successful writer, a mother does not drink, Biff turned from the chief into a subordinate.
In the garage Marty admires his new jeep, meets his girlfriend Jennifer. But Doctor violates their privacy. He takes Marty and Jennifer with him in the future, substantiating this by the fact, that a big troubles are waiting for their children in the future. What will happen in the future, you will learn from the next film.

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