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Men in black 3 movie

Ten years - not the short term in the world of film, especially when you take into account that the other franchises over this time not only have time to shoot the finished trilogy and start shooting new movies. Men in black was lucky little: as we know, they need ten years only to shoot just the next part. And time, as we all know: or treats or cripples. So let's see the story of this most awaited movie of 2012 year.
Men in black 3Intergalactic criminal Boris "the Animal", played by James Klimentan flees from Lunar prison and intends to return to the past to destroy Agent Kay (played by Tommy Lee Jones), who arrested him on July 16 in 1969. After investigation of the circumstances of  the orbital ship crash in New York, and after an armed raid in the Chinese bar, Kay begins to realize that Boris escaped from prison, and Kay regretted that have not killed him in the past. Going back to apartment he discovers, that all his traces disappear. Men in black 3 Agent Jay, played by actor Will Smith, remembers Kay when he was still alive, but for all the Men in Black, Kay died in 1969. Agent O (actress Emma Thompson) and Jay are starting to realize coup took place in the time-space continuum. Agent O and Jay realize that Boris, who escaped from prison, is somehow related to occurred events. As a result - the invasion of his race to the planet, as a defensive unit " Arknet" was not activated, because of the murder of Kay. Men in black 3 Jay finds Jeffrey Price - the merchant of electronic equipment, who illegally provides the ability to move through time, and when Jay learned that exactly Jeffrey Price sent escaped from prison Boris, goes after criminal in the past. The agent Jay has exactly 24 hours in order to catch Boris. In Coney Island, young agent Kay, played by actor Josh Brolin, arrests and begins to interrogate Jay. Jay tells him the truth. Men in black 3 movieAnd he believes Jay. Jay and Kay go on the trail of criminal and find the arkelian Griffin, who has an " Arknet." Griffin gives them " Arknet" - the device should be installed on the "Saturn" rocket launched to the moon, and they still have only 6 hours. After arriving at Cape Canaveral, Griffin and agents Jay and Kay are arrested. Colonel (Mike Colter) releases agents, after Griffin tells him their mission. On the upper floor of the launch pad two Boris - one from the future, and other from the past barrier off the way of the agents. Men in black 3 movie Jay, after heavy fighting with the "modern" Boris was able to push him into the launching rocket mine, where he dies in a fire. At this time, Kay during a fight with Boris from the past just pushes him down. Kay puts " Arknet" on a rocket, and protective shield turning after its reaching orbit. Men in black 3Colonel thanked Agent Kay, and invites him join the ranks of the agency. But suddenly Boris from the past jumps out, who had miraculously survived after falling. He kills the colonel. However this time Kay kills criminal. After the incident, the boy, whose name is James, gets out of the war machine and starts to look for his father. Far away the agent Jay sees this sceneand finds out that this boy is he himself. Kay uses the neutralizer, and tells the boy ( Jay), that his dad was a hero. Jay returned to the present, where he met with Kay in their favorite bar. In the cafe Jay shows agent Kay his father's pocket watch, thereby alluding to the fact that he knows everything. фильм Люди в черном 3When they leave, Griffin thinks that it's his best variant of earthly events, except one - that Kay forget to leave a tip, paying attention to the fact that they are in the space-time continuum, where asteroid flies to the Earth. But Kay comes back and leave a tip, thus creating another dimension, there the comet is destroyed, when faced with the satellite.

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    Hunter - 28.11.2012, 04:35
    Thanks for posting that great trailer; I can’t wait to see this movie! I loved the first Men In Black, I enjoyed the second, and I even watched the cartoon series. I really feels like I have been waiting a decade for this movie to come out on disk. I missed it in theaters, but I knew it was coming out on Tuesday, so I went online early that morning, and added MIB 3 to the top of my DISH Blockbuster @Home rental queue. I am having a little viewing party with a few of my coworkers from DISH this weekend, and my disk should arrive in the mail just in time for our little gathering.
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    CHIP - 19.01.2013, 20:10
    I like it. Cool film!
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    Kade - 2.04.2013, 15:30