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In our time of constant dissemination of traditional medicine and exotic drugs eyes of men all over the world applied to athoron East and its curative flora. After all, the issue of increasing the potency of the world is very serious, because the constant stress and poor environmental conditions often « effort on the patient & raquo ;, depriving men of their sexual power. Therefore, residents of the East so often deliver on all of its markets « corona » Ginseng – naturany drug, which is known for its unique properties of raising libido.

It should be noted that the powerful action of the root ginseng has been known since the Bronze Age, when men added pounded the drug into wine or breathe fumes by burning plant at fire, thereby preparing themselves for St.ersheniyam on the love front. Currently, ginseng is grown only by artificial means, however, this factor had no effect on its highest popularity.

Useful properties of ginseng

Ginseng is a shrub that grows mainly in rockyterrain at high temperatures. Prized only its root, which is the seat of the B vitamins, fairly flavored cocktail of fatty acids, resin, pectin and carbohydrates. This plant assembled a long list of various medicinal properties – it is used to treat cancer, as a means to lose weight, and of course, in KutchETS powerful stimulant of sexual activity, which is even cures impotence. Special popularity he won it in the last mile, due to its extreme effectiveness. According to recent studies, over 50% of cases when ginseng was used as the primary treatment against impotence, have met with the fullhurry.

The positive properties of the ginseng

If to consider action ginseng on the reproductive system, it does not end with a simple cure. This natural product has a number of actions, the most basic of which is graftedDena in the list:

  • gain attraction. Ginseng has an effect akin to a powerful aphrodisiac. When a man uses the product, his sexual desires increase manifold;
  • increase sensation during sex. Many connoisseurs love share use ginseng before the actual shirtvym act as a similar technique significantly increases have fun;
  • reduces the risk of premature erection. When a man takes ginseng, the blood vessels of the penis increases, making blood flow more extensive. And this effect helps to inhibit premature erection;
  • improve the quality of sperm. Doctorsproved that the use of ginseng improves the quality of sperm in men who suffer from diseases and injuries;
  • the treatment and improvement of the overall reproductive system;
  •   a soothing effect and increase potency. Ginseng has the ability to improve the condition of the sexual muscles poreFirst full healing and male impotence.

Add to all listed the complete absence of negative effects, and get wonderful therapeutic and prophylactic drug, which is taken to any man.

Methods dosing

Experts recommend two options receive ginseng . The first – alcoholate, which contains 200 ml of 70% alcohol and 20 grams root powder. The week of downtime in a dark place, and you can take 19 drops before meals. Second – a soft option. It will have to take the dried root of the plant and grind it to a powder. Then lozhka the drug is mixed with a tablespoon of honey and then taken 3 times a day.


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