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Tax disputes are the fastest growing segments in the industry relationsodnyashny day. In legal policy, taxation issues are considered one of the difficult questions. On the issue of taxation or tax registration documents can face any person, firm or company.

to figure the tax code is extremely difficult. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence oftax dispute and problems with taxation should promptly contact an experienced attorney for advice.

For example, in the Moscow law firm "Consulting Alarius" working lawyers who specialize in issues in the field of tax law and help explain any questions. This lawthe firm provides legal advice and tax issues in court representing the interests of the customer.

Causes of tax disputes are diverse:

  • refusal to refund VAT;
  • claim for payment of a fine or tax;
  • unjustified tax write-offs;
  • and so on.

The process of resolving tax disputes

The process of resolving tax disputes, as practice shows, is more than one month, and in most cases are resolved in favor of customers. Compared to coKami state bodies, the level of training of "Alarius Consulting" is above.

If a taxpayer believes that the implementation of actions, making decisions or implementing inactivity of the tax authority, violated his freedom, rights or interests, he may apply to the court under the CodeKSA administrative proceedings.

The appeal of decisions

As for appealing the decisions that are taken Supervisory Authority, that they are provided in accordance with the Tax Code   in judicial or administrative proceedings and possible in two cases:

  • an appeal to the tax authority may within 10 calendar days. In turn, within 20 calendar days, the highest supervisory authority shall give the applicant an answer;
  • appeal to the court. The trial court case is conducted for one month, and the periodto appeal a court decision by the tax authority is possible within three years.

In accordance with the legislation of the applicant to create these two solutions possible and at the same time.

If all the same tax authority ruled unlawful decision about you, helping professionals "AlarIMS Consulting "is not sary. It make a lawsuit or complaint is not an easy task. Professionals with extensive experience will help defend your rights in court and regulatory bodies.

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