Things to remember when choosing a tutor

< p style = "text-align: left;"> At all times, an educated man could clearly claim to respect in society and more comfortablesecond place in the sun. In ancient times, such as when education was available units, such a person is very highly regarded in terms of prestige, respect and capacity. Today, education is compulsory in any country of the world, educated people are still highly sought after, with only one proviso, that today is appreciated not education itselfe, and its quality. On this depends the quality of a person and as a professional, and his progress and the progress of society, in the face of rapid development is very important.

It is clear that the quality of education, regardless of specialization, depending on the level of teaching skills of teachers and their knowledge. Basicovnoy basis of knowledge that will be useful in the future, we get during the school years and here is just the quality of education determines many things, but most importantly - the opportunity to continue their education in high school. Not uncommon situation where the knowledge obtained in school does not even enough to enter, not to mention the studies at the university. The reason for thissecond situation may be enough, in particular the low level of teacher training, and sometimes direct their reluctance to make disciples, as well as lack of desire, the motivation of students.

In this situation, the only solution is hiring a tutor who will fill gaps in knowledge and enable sexlearning more thorough subject knowledge. And here comes the most interesting, because in fact the tutor - teacher is the same as the rest. This means that it can be characterized by the same problems as the rest of the teachers, namely poor personal training on the subject, the lack of the necessary skills to work with students to increaseI was their motivation. This in turn means that the tutor will need to choose among his colleagues, guided by specific rules and in compliance with certain recommendations.

Rules for selecting high-quality learning

Let's evaluate the procedure itself on the example of, say, English. This aLuciano specialist practice, the choice on the basis of only five simple rules:

  • First, you need to assess the extent of the use of language not only in class, but also in everyday life. From this, among other things, depend on the knowledge and the so-called "professional manner";
  • In-intoryh, you need to evaluate a list of methods and teaching materials used by the tutor in his work. Here, preference should be given to foreign, preferably English sources;
  • Third, the teacher must be precisely and accurately plan their work, to understand what the purpose of each stage of the works he wants to achieve;
  • Fourth, there is a natural indicator of the effectiveness of learning, which can be estimated based on the results of previous training his students;
  • Fifth, you can go straight from theory to practice, that is to attend a lesson and evaluate alllive.


Selection of learning - it is very responsible, despite its apparent simplicity. It is important not to rely on the advice of friends, but on the personal impression and the bare facts, because they are the key to successful preparation of your child.

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