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A man can be described as a living being with the world in the foreseeable highest level of RAzvitiya and socialization. This leads, including the fact that we have or desire to change everything around him, including the nature in order to satisfy their wants and needs. One of the brightest examples of such human activity is the construction of them own homes. This is not only a way to isolate themselves from the world, but also a certain oddsma civilized (we believe) social behavior, which obliges us to live in a warm, cozy home, not on the street under a tree. Obviously, all we divide the inner space into separate functional areas, each of which is separated in such a structural member, like a door. It may be of interior (actually separatesone room from another, fulfilling a decorative function and demarcation) and input (limit all the internal areas of the house from the outside world, performing in the first place the safety function).

Therefore, it is the front door is the most important in the house, and that it should be the benchmark for reliability. But howknown, there is no such mechanism in the world who would ever worked without problems. Is no exception and the front door, which can be affected by incorrect operation, weather conditions, vandalism, etc. Any of these cases, depending on the complexity of the situation and effects, may require repair or door or its complete replacement. ABOUTascribes the latter case does not make sense, but to repair the door, which, moreover, can be done independently, is talk. Here and typical damage, repairs and tactics depend primarily on the material of construction of the door. And so, about the most frequent failures tell us Valero AP - employee "LockSet"That will help you implement Kiev.

  Repair wooden doors

This is the classic version, which today nevertheless quietly refuse (specialNGOs in terms of the front door). This type of door has the following characteristic fault:

  1. slack loops . Eliminated by backing washers or a complete replacement of the loop. In this case, you need to consider placing loop fasteners;
  2. The increase in the size of the web due to the swelling of . Eliminated by correcting geometry (slicing blade ends);
  3. Cracks . This trouble occursdue to shrinkage of the wood. To eliminate it, you must remove the cover door, existing cracks putty and re-coat paint and a protective varnish.

Repair of a metal door

Today it is the most popular type of entrance doors, but, despite all the external safelyst metal, it is also likely to fail, the most common of which are:

  1. Breaking lock or handle . Eliminates usually the replacement of individual defective machinery or the whole castle. However, we can locka bad run and very different, independent of reason itself, which will require different tactics and actions;
  2. Sag leaf . Eliminates tightening loops or a complete replacement of the frame;
  3. Damage to the door trim . It is necessary to dismantle the door, remove the old surface and replace with new.

Repair of plastic doors

For plastic windows, which are also a tribute to fashion, characteristic of almost all the same faults as forthese two kinds of doors. They are eliminated, as a rule, adjustment or replacement of door hardware.

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