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The Prophets of Islam, Islam

Prophets of Islam occupies one of the most important places in the Muslim faith. Many of them are also mentioned in other religions.Islam Therefore, we can assume that all religions are the parts of one holistic circuit.
According to the Islamic religion God sent on the Earth his messengers - the prophets, which preaching to all people monotheism. Each of them was sent down to a certain tribe or nation. We are not sure how many prophets are in Islam, but of the survivingIslam sources follows that there were more than 124,000 prophets. All divine messengers conditionally were divided into two ranks: Rasul - the highest category, the Nabis - assistant of main messengers. All the prophets of Islam have a unique gift of miracles, because of this they were above the angels. Just after them were worshiped Imams (holy).
IslamSome names of the prophets in Islam are also present in the texts of other religions (Christianity and Judaism). For example, Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ), Adam, Ibrahim (Abraham), Nuh (Noah), Musa (Moses) - are the Messengers of Allah, which are also biblical characters. The narratives about these messengers in the Koran are identical to Christianity legends. Islam, the Quran, koranThe story about Nuh (as most of the stories about the ancient messengers of God) is a kind of warning to people about the impending natural disaster, caused by the unrighteous way of life, disbelief and fall of man. Is noteworthy that the story about the flood is repeatedly described in the Quran.
Not all of the prophets of Islam are mentioned in the Quran. Islam, the Quran, koranOnly 25 of them in some way appear in the Holy Scriptures. The most frequently is mentioned Ibrahim. A special role is given to him due to an important mission: to inform people about the existence of a single God. Tribesmen of Ibrahim - pagans, from whom the Messenger renounced because of their disbelief, he was sentenced to be burnt in a furnace. But Allah saved his messenger.
Similar to the biblical story of the prophet had a son, whom he had to kill himself. Islam Prophet IbrahimWhen Abraham raised the knife over his a child God stopped him, he convinced in the infinite devotion and loyalty of his chosen. As a reward for this God entrusted him care about the Kaaba (the ancient shrine of Mecca). Also in memory of messenger's deed, near the "House of Allah" is marked an area where he performed a divine mission.
The Confession of Ibrahim is a true monotheism, and he was among the first people who accept this religion. Therefore, it follows that faith of Muhammad - the last and most important prophet, is none other than the restoration of monotheism, which traces its roots at the time of Ibrahim.
Islam Prophet Muhammad Muhammad was chosen for the propagation of the faith in Allaah throughout the world, while the previous prophets of Islam preached the religion only for certain nation. If to rely on the Muslim religion, the Quran, which was ent down to Muhammad, is the last and most authentic divine revelation. All other sacred writings (including the Gospel) are inaccurate, because are distorted by many people. The last message of Allah is Sharia, which should be taken by all people, including Jews and Christians.
Islam IsaThe main biblical character Jesus (Isa in Islam) is a precursor of Muhammad, he was first who reported about imminent appearance of Muhammad. There are three stories devoted to Isa in the Quran, but there is no story about his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection, because Muslims reject this version.
Isa in the opinion of those who believe in Allaah - is not just a chosen one, like all the other prophets of Islam, he is a special person, created from the dust by the Word of God.Islam Judgment Day, Doomsday In the stories that follow after the Holy Scripture, he is the main character involved in the events leading up to Judgment Day. In these legends is narrated that Isa with the Savior (al-Mahdi) will come down from heaven to the Earth and kill terrible Antichrist (al-Dajjal). After these events will come reign of peace and justice.

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