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Audrey Hepburn

Almost everyone has a favorite actresses, actors and directors. Audrey HepburnSome of us like to watch old movies, and some prefer new movies. Today we tell about the three films with Audrey Hepburn - which can be seen, for example, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Your weekend will probably be memorable!).

The first movie, which will be discussed is "Monte Carlo". Where Audrey played a very small role ("Monte Carlo" - one of the last European works of actress). Audrey Hepburn movie Monte CarloThe plot of the film is simple and generally inelaborate. The 1950s. A girl working in a private nursery, "messed up" babies. Now the musician playing in the men's ensemble remembered that he is a happy grandfather. He goes on tour - so a little boy (he is called Nicolas in much of the film ) got thirty caring grandfathers, fathers, uncles... Audrey Hepburn movie Monte CarloBut in fact, "Nicolas" is the son of a famous actress (whose role plays young Audrey) and her husband (the pair, by the way, thinking about divorce). Parents begin searching for missing boy...
Perhaps, this movie would be the most common - but you want to review the film many times. Amazing acting, memorable French jazz motifs, plot twists (in the movie there are so many little subplots associated with secondary characters - there are ladies' man entertainer, pair of lovers, meet in secret from the strict father, and many fans of hapless nanny) - thanks to them the film is so bright. Audrey Hepburn movie Monte CarloThe film is not very famous in Russia (in fact, as all of the films with Audrey Hepburn before "Roman Holiday", but we can confidently say that you will want to review this film again and again. Good humor and a great old music are exactly those things, which we often lacking in real life. 

The second film, which we recommend to see for all fans of the old musical movies is "Funny face". Audrey Hepburn film Funny faceThe plot of the film, as in the previous case is inelaborate. At the beginning of the film has come the hot time for workers of a fashion magazine: an urgent need to prepare for the release of the new number of authoritative magazine. Clearly, the work stands still. Randomly photographer, working in a publishing house, finds a cute girl-saleswoman in bookstore (whose role plays young Audrey Hepburn).  Audrey Hepburn film Funny faceSo young Joe Stockton appears in the world of fashion...
Of course, the main advantage of the film - it's a great style of shooting, and the main decoration of the plot - dances by Hepburn and Astaire. But, nevertheless, the film can not be called primitive. Characters of the film (despite the fact that their main activities are singing and dancing) are not "flat", the film makes the viewer to think about, - after all a bit crazy are both: chief editor - a woman obsessed with fashion, Audrey Hepburn film Funny facesinging songs about that "pink color is in vogue today" and Joe who is fanatically infatuated with empaticalism and Paris itself, with its strange inhabitants... This film can be considered and light musical comedy, and just a beautiful retro-video, and a ribbon of eternal madness, dissolved in a strange character, in fact, of every human.

The third film, which you should see is "Sabrina". In this film, Audrey Hepburn plays the role of Sabrina - daughter of the driver. The girl was in love with David - Audrey Hepburn film Sabrinayoungest son of the owner of manor (actually, driver works in this family for many years). After a while she went to Paris to learn the art of cooking, of course, grows up, returns home... Events began to develop since the arrival of Sabrina in native house. It turned out that the elder brother of David is not dry businessman-miser, but an interesting and witty man, he just is very lonely... Film is spiced by good humor, interesting shootings of luxurious receptions and romantic music. Audrey Hepburn film SabrinaEspecially its recommend to watch it when you have a lyrical mood.
We hope that this weekend will be successful (also thanks to watching interesting films). Smile to life - and remember, the next time we will tell you something new about a good movie.

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