What are the tickets?


Flights are documents that are usedcomfort for air travel. They are very similar to a regular ticket, but there are some differences. Let's find out: what is a normal ticket. So, the main parts of this ticket are:

  • Cover;
  • The legal background information is contained in part;
  • Flight Coupon must be changed to a boarding pass;
  • The airlines passed the audit coupon;
  • The agency is the agency code;
  • In the passenger is a passenger coupon.

In other words, flights are defined by the contract between the carrier and the passenger. The moment of his actions   from the moment when the man came to the platform, with the need to get on a plane. It is logical that the contract terminates when a person leaves the platform under the supervision of authorized persons.

What is thesome electronic tickets?

Today, technology is not standing still, and every day there are new products. This also applies to flight. Nowadays, the most common are e-tickets. Fill in and book a ticket now available on the respective sites of the airlines or websites, etc.oiskovikah, for example, in Russia the best you will find on the site flights24.ru. If the   In simple terms, you can buy tickets through the Internet. This is a very positive impact on airport operations as queue at the box office are significantly reduced several times. Tickets that were purchased on the Internet are automatically recorded in the bCAM data. A guarantee that you have an e-ticket is checked, indicating payment and messages. Also yet to be given the opportunity to print the itinerary receipt.

Let's look at the main advantages of e-tickets:

  • You can atto find flights to wherever it is possible to connect to the Internet;
  • You take care of themselves independently;
  • More efficient transaction airlines;
  • For more simplistic takes reservations;
  • You canie change your route more simplified procedure;
  • You get simplified register;
  • If you lose your ticket, do not worry because all the information is stored in a database airlines;
  • When you order tickets via the Internet, absenceShipping exists;
  • The fact that the passenger himself served - it just encouraged;
  • Less use of paper, which leads to fewer errors;
  • You are more confident that such e-tickets you have not stolen, or you do not losee.

There are several e-ticket status:

  • Paper;
  • The printed;
  • Used;
  • exchanged;
  • Indoor.

What is the MarchShrout-receipt?

Itinerary receipt is a letter, which indicates all the information about the route described in detail and form of payment for transportation. It must contain the following information:

  • Information about the passenger, ie the name and number of his passport and a series
  • The time and date of departure;
  • Flight;
  • The tariff, which is selected;
  • The code and name of the carrier;
  • The name and airport code;
  • The cost of transportation;
  • The form with which payment is made;
  • checkout date;
  • Booking class and name;
  • Free baggage allowance;
  • Unikalny ticket number;
  • The name of the agency that designed the ticket;
  • code and the booking status.

Now you perfectly understand what the ticket. Choose any kind of ticket and travel with pleasure. Happy flying!

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