The most famous antique shops of the capital of Russia

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The man has a much more developedpsyche than other living species on our planet. This property allows us to grow, reaching the heights that we have today. But if a little abstract from all this scientific and technical progress and to look into the root of the matter, any human activity, one way or another, can be described as a creativest. And cooked homemade cakes, and the development of a new car design - it works. In addition, there are so-called targeted work, which aims to create works of art (paintings, sculptures, jewelry, etc.). Over time, any such products may lose in terms of relevance and claimvannosti direct functions, but definitely in terms of value added, both for the owner and for society as a whole. Thus there is a transformation of normal or accessory antique creations.

What are antiques?

From the point of view of art, antiques called quite extensiveold category of products that are objective and significant art-historical and material value. Simply put, more easily understand, then the notion of antiques most suitable objects collectibles: old works of art (paintings, sculptures, books, etc.), furniture, utensils, and other items catorye previously they could or used for domestic purposes.

What is an antique store?

Due to the fact that these things have a real material and artistic value, including for the state, as part of his history, trafficking is strictly limited and is generally carried out via a network auktsions and antique shops. Despite the relatively high price of antiques (in some cases it can be as high as several million dollars), there are always people for whom the price of the material plays a less significant role than artistic. It is these people, collectors and art lovers are the main categories ofiey customers antique shops.

Status antique market in Moscow

Given that the capital of Russia - Moscow - is the center of all possible life of the country, there must be objectively well-developed sector of trade in antiques and collectibles. Considering the situation in the country, officiallymany as 400 players antiques market. At the same time, almost half of them in the capital. There is no point in one article to describe all of these places, but you can pay attention to the largest and most successful. These are:

  1. Mosantique - A virtual project, which constitute the basis for the production sculptures (Viennese bronze, plastic, silver, art castings);
  2. ANTIKVAR - diverse antique shop in the area of ??interest which includes paintings , SulphurBrjan cutlery, sculptures, decorative utensils, military, clocks, furniture and so on. d.;
  3. Antiques on Butcher - an antique shop, which is constantly being bought and implemented books, paintings, jewelerys products, products made of porcelain and bronze.


As the largest and busiest city in the country, Moscow is a leader in the field of collectibles and antiques trade, well ahead in this sense, even the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.

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