What is the bank guarantee?

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In today's world without financial transactions and sdelato simply not do. And each transaction - is a risk, because at any moment someone might refuse to pay and fulfill their obligations. You risk a lot to   lose, including money. Out of this situation there - the bank guarantee. &Nbsp;

Bank Guarantee – is   when usedANC commits itself in writing,   it would pay the lender the full amount if the debtor does not perform its contractual obligations.   Bank guarantee - this is an official document, which clearly indicates the details of the bank and the guaranteed amount, terms of payment and so forth.

What are the bank guarantees?

In today's time, bank guarantees – one of the most popular services on the financial market. They are classified depending on the applications:

  1. Bank guarantees in order to get the application form for participationin the auction or tender or auction . And it ensures that the winner of the tender will meet its obligations to the customer;
  2. The bank guarantee that the company, which became the winner of the bidding will fulfill his contract . Customer will sign dogOVOR with the company if it would provide a guarantee that if it can not fulfill the contract, the bank will pay for it guaranteed amount;
  3. bank guarantee for refund of advance . There are cases that contracted and the customer makes a certainth sum as an advance. But before receiving the advance, it is necessary to submit a document warranty. And we need it in order to exclude the use of an advance for other purposes. If they prove misuse of the advance, the bank will return that amount to the customer.

Under what conditions can get a bank guarantee?

One of the main conditions for a guarantee is the reputation of the client. If a firm or company in the market for a long time, in good faith fulfills all its obligations, financial and economic activities carried out honestly, the chances to get a guarantee from her higher. All guarantees are aimed for to fulfill the state order. guaranteeden adder is about 30% of the value of the contract, the Commission is not more than 3%. You can obtain a guarantee from three days to three weeks, the whole thing for a company that prepares documents. In addition the bank very carefully check all data and the client:

  • credit history (have to be positivetion);
  • financial turnover;
  • the debt.

And if all factors satisfy the bank, the bank guarantee provided.

How to make a bank guarantee without going to the bank?

To make sure not to go to the bank, you can contact the company where you get rid of searching the banks and all the legal details of this procedure will incur. Today, there are companies, document for the provision of a bank guarantee. For example, in the Russian banking guarantee to all regions of helpthe Company's Form « Tender Finance & raquo ;. Referring to this company you:

  • get rid of work on the design documents;
  • get a competent solution of complex financial issues.

Contact and you will save yourself time and BEACezhёte nerves!

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