What are the failure of washing machines?


Today breakage washing machines happen very often. The main reason is improper usewashing machines. It is clear that a great instructions on how to use the washing machines, few people want to read, but frankly speaking, almost no one does. Accordingly, this leads to problems. Today, let's learn about the main damage to the washer and how to prevent it. First of all, you need to read the instructionsmanual washing machines. Never use one set of rules for the other machines because each manufacturer specially develops rules for the use of their products is.

The main causes of failure washing machines are:

  • The most common cause of breakage of washing mAshin is jam various small parts such as coins, buttons or screws. Generally, they fall into the drain system machines, and lead to the fact that water is not drained from the machine. Accordingly, this leads to disruption and damage to the device. This, in turn, entails the repair, which is now worth a lot. Therefore, at all times during theOn how you load things in the washing machine, check the pockets and remove all of them small things;
  • The second very important and common cause of failure is that the damage occurs gasket between the tub and the drum. This usually occurs when the front loading machines. Of course, it'll cometies and all the recommendations of the manufacturer then this problem will not affect you. It is understood that it is necessary to fasten all zippers before washing, as well as very carefully to download and get things that are metal objects (for these items refers to items of jewelry, zippers and buttons). The same applies to prematureof wear of the bearing assembly. Do not have too reboot the machine things.

How to resolve his own problems with the washing machine?

It is best to to trust those who are well-versed, but if you do not have such a possibility, it is possible to Try Nowacce repair the machine yourself.

  1. If the machine is not draining , you must first check the sewers or the place where your machine is connected to the sewer. It is worth paying attention to the point of attachment of the hose clogging. Next you need to remove the filter drain system, and be sure to clean it and put it on the same place. If this did not bring positive results, it is best to turn to those who are versed in the repair of washing machines;
  2. If there is no water supply ,then you need to pay attention to the valve that connects the washing machine;
  3. If the machine does not react when the , inspect the outlet
  4. The rest of the fault is repaired in the tertiary service.


So, our washing machines are assistants to the house. Remember that is, first of all, read the instructions and adhere to the rules that are listed therein. Proper use of the goods leads to prolong the operation.

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