Passport of the old and the new model

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In the life of any person may need or desireleave for some reason abroad. Of course, now is not the Soviet Union and permission to travel abroad to ask the party is not necessary, but a package of necessary documents will have to arrange. Despite the fact that for entry into the territory of another state need a visa, it is not the main document. It is impossible to obtain without aNotices passport. He is the very document by which it becomes possible to obtaining a permit entry into any country in the world, as well as human identity card abroad. The shape of this document may be of two types or models:

  • New or biometric. The European passportth sample in the form of a plastic card containing except "passport data" a certain kind of biometric data of the person (fingerprint, retina scan, etc.);
  • Old. This is the standard paper passport, which has a mass circulation in the territories of the former Soviet Union, including Russia. Total no preampMothra. Lay a passport in the bins, eat not ask you about it and forgot. And then suddenly — business trip abroad. Blows away dust from the document you: op-pa! All in seals, stamps, as they say, to put nowhere. What to do? Remember that there is a firm « Kasturi & raquo ;, which can make, and for a very modest fee. Pochit is an old specimen choose? Will be much faster. A couple of days — and passport in your pocket. Pass it 5 years, and no country in the world protests against the border crossing of such an instrument.

The main advantage is the possibility of a new passport to travel abroad without a visa, but, at theHowever, it has some disadvantages:

  • higher price;
  • low prevalence, including from the point of view of religious citizens of these countries which put it mildly does not approve of such experiments.

In order to obtain a passport hundredcerned sample should be collected set of standard documents and undergo the same standard procedure:

  • A completed application form;
  • set of photos standard size 35 by 45 mm. If necessary, attach photos neobhoimosti children;
  • ReceiptI payment of state duty specified size;
  • copy of the work book;
  • information on the effects of military service.

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