The mattresses from the company Askona


If you are ever lucky enough to lie on mattresses companies Askona, thenSubsequently, no matter where you spend the night, you do not confuse Swiss quality with any other prozvoditelyami. The main difference of this product from other manufacturers is a line, can satisfy the most demanding customer. Askona Mattresses made from natural, environmentally friendly materials. Once logged in askona.uaYou will be delighted lokonichnym design, and an intuitive menu makes it easy to choose the products you need.

If you have some questions about intreseyuschego your mattress, you can always seek help from the manager called back to the city of Kiev on the phone listed on the site, choosing to beholdBOJ convenient to you mobile carrier.   Workers interent shop happy to answer all your questions and give you a lot of useful tips and tricks, which are quite useful for you when you select a particular mattress.

Features mattresses Askona

PWhen desired, the professional staff can go to the specified address, for removing samples. I would like to just draw your attention to « Evolyushn & raquo ;. Osobnennost this rare model of a mattress with two independent spring blocks, it is that the world has not yet developed a mattress with counterpartslable characteristics. The product that has gained great respect in the market of mattress, your body will be in a natural physiologically comfortable position. This is achieved by the block of independent springs. Unsurpassed NanoPocket spring unit provides for your earthly body proper orthopedic position. &Nbsp; As they say graceary buyers - "on the mattress" Evolyushn "sleep on oblochke!" &Nbsp;

Do not forget that it was in the shop, you will find exactly what you're looking for many years — comfortable, soft and perfect mattress that will serve you for years to come. By the way, if you already are talking about maximum softness,we are simply obliged to familiarize you with the mattress as the « item & raquo ;. Shop Online « Askona & raquo ;, as no one else cares about the health of its clients, producing only high quality and reliable mattresses.

The main advantages of online store

  • Production on the basis of the spring block « hourglass » (Maximum lightness and softness of the mattress is provided by the presence of honor in the spring three zones generated a good level of resilience even under high load);
  • Careful inspection and processing before going to the market (trikotaWell, which is made from the top of the mattress, antibacterial treatment was). what more races confirms Askona care to their customers;
  • The high level of breathability and moisture resistance (thanks to this material, you are guaranteed an excellent climate for sleeping);
  • High elasticity and cell structure (provides soft maintaining the spine);
  • Suitable for all customers (mattress capable of withstanding   heavy loads).


Here you will find many more excellent variety of mattresses, on which therevery decent discount. So hurry to the site and enjoy really high quality and reliable products.

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