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One of the most common Russian cash games Yawby the lottery "Golden Key". Lotteries are held every Saturday. You can win a wide variety of prizes, including an apartment. To do this quite a bit, that is to receive one of three keys: gold, bronze or silver. Therefore, first of all, it is worth to buy a ticket at a store that sells lottery tickets online or aboutydya on. It playfield ticket consists of two cards. In each of the lines 27 there are located, where 15 of these have already been filled with a combination of random numbers from 1 to 90. In each row of 5 numbers are not repeated. By the way, this game is played with their entire families.

So, the basic rules of the game are very simple. Itself consists of drawingseveral steps:

  1. In the first stage there is nothing difficult. You must have the ticket, which match all the numbers in a row with numbers that are issued by the lotto. Sometimes it happens that in the course of the fifth match five numbers, which are arranged in a row across the playing field with the numbersand five balls that will be issued to the lotto. Then you will win the jackpot, that is, the super first round. These tickets continue to participate in the next draw;
  2. In the second round, the winner is the ticket that before in other tickets, fifteen numbers in one of the cards will coincide with the numbers that have been set differentlyare the lotto;
  3. The third stage is more difficult. It win those tickets where all 30 digits of the ticket will coincide with the numbers that were issued during the lotto draw. These tickets are already out of the game.

If at some of the levels wins a few tickets, superTour prize at the discretion of the organizers of the lottery, divided equally among the winners. The prize fund consists of the funds that were collected for the current edition. If it so happened that a few winners, the prize itself is divided by half.

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